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True or False Face

Blaze, played by Myrna Fahey in "True or False-Face" - Batman season 1
True or False Face / Holy Rat Race – Batman season 1 True or False Face – March 8 1966 False Face traps Batman and Robin, and binding them to a subway track just minutes before a train is scheduled to come by.
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Doctor Who: The War Machines

In Doctor Who: The War Machines, the first Doctor brings Dodo back to London in 1966. There, he runs into the first artificial intelligence computer system, WOTAN. Which plans to … Rule the world!
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The Penguin Goes Straight

The Penguin Goes Straight / Not Yet, He Ain’t – Batman season 1 The Penguin Goes Straight – March 22 1966 After his recent release from jail, The Penguin has started his own protection agency. He thwarts small time hoodlums everywhere he goes. Is it all a con?...
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The Joker Goes to School

The Joker Goes to School / He Meets his Match, the Grisly Ghoul – Batman season 1 The Joker Goes to School – March 1 1966 At Woodrow Roosevelt High School, a vending machine gives out money. Dick Grayson is there to witness it. it’s soon revealed that...
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The Navy vs. the Night Monsters

The Navy vs. the Night Monsters (1966) starring Mamie Van Doren, Anthony Eisley The Navy vs. the Night Monsters is an enjoyable 1950’s monster movie, where an unknown something is killing Navy personnel on a remote island.
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The Reptile [Hammer horror]

The Reptile (1966) starring Jaqueline Pearce, David Baron, Nod Willman Hammer Studios’ The Reptile is a good entry in the “tragic werewolf” genre … With our were-creature being a reptile. A person who the audience actually likes – in human form, at least. Harry Spalding and his wife...
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Batman – The Movie

Batman – The Movie (1966) starring Adam West, Burt Ward, Cesar Romero, Frank Gorshin, Lee Meriwether, Burgess Meredith, Alan Napier When Batman (Adam West) and Robin (Burt Ward) get a tip that Commodore Schmidlapp (Reginald Denny) is in danger aboard his yacht, they launch a rescue mission. But...
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Chamber of Horrors (1966)

Chamber of Horrors (1966) starring Cesare Danova, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Patrick O’Neal, Laura Devon, José René Ruiz Synopsis of Chamber of Horrors Chamber of Horrors deals with a convicted and sentenced to hang man, a homicidal maniac. He cuts off his chained hand in order to make his escape....
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You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch

You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch song lyrics – lyrics by Dr. Seuss, music by Albert Hague You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch is a Christmas song that was originally written and composed for the 1966 cartoon special How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The lyrics were written by...
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