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Predictions on Avengers: Endgame

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Avengers: Endgame – thoughts, prognostications, and predictions

No spoilers – I have not seen the leaked footage, nor do I have any inside information. I have read the various Marvel Comics that Infinity War was based on — but the MCU (Marvel Comics Universe) is quite different. These are thoughts, hopes, and predictions – in no order:

  • I hope that Nebula gets to deliver the death blow to Thanos. She’s been wanting to kill her abusive “stepfather” for a very long time. And, in the comics, she actually stole the functional Infinity Gauntlet from him.
  • I predict the final death of Steve Rogers. In the trailer, there’s a scene of him finally getting his dance with Peggy Carter. I suspect that happens in the afterlife.
    • In the comics, Bucky Barnes stepped up to be the new Captain America when the original was incapacitated. I don’t know if that will happen … But given how Iron Man hates him, it would be interesting!
  • I hope that Thanos is revealed to be the cause of the destruction of his home world, Titan. It would be interesting to see that he caused all of this destruction and death as a means of assuaging his guilt.
  • I hope that Ronin/Hawkeye plays a major role in Thanos’ defeat. In the comics, Hawkeye took on the name of Ronin (a samurai without a master). It would definitely be appropriate, especially if Clint has lost (at least) half of his family.
  • I hope they point out the ongoing devastation caused by Thanos’ snap. He didn’t wipe out half of the sentient life in the universe – all life. How would Earth survive with only have the biodome? Very poorly.
  • I’m glad to see that Ant-Man plays a significant role. I’m a big fan of Paul Rudd’s portrayal.


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