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Justice League Unlimited episode guide season 2

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Justice League Unlimited season 2 - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman
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The second, and final, season of Justice League Unlimited starts with a bang – and goes out that way as well. There’s a story arc over the entire season, telling one large story that culminates in the final episode, with a lot of character development along the way.

I Am Legion

Gorilla Grodd helps Lex Luthor break out of prison. Then he uses Luthor, the Key and Doctor Polaris to recover the Spear of Longinus from Blackhawk Island. Unless Hawkgirl, Fire and Flash, and the last surviving Blackhawk can stop them.   But is Luthor insane?

Shadow of the Hawk

Hawkgirl meets with archeologist Carter Hall, who has uncovered Thanagarian artifacts in an ancient Egyptian tomb.   Hall reveals himself to be Hawkman, believing himself and Hawkgirl to be reincarnated Thanagarian lovers who died centuries ago.   A suspicious Batman has been tailing Hall, and they all must work together against the Shadow Thief.

Chaos at the Earth’s Core

Stargirl must deal with her jealousy of Supergirl when they and Green Lantern visit the “land that time forgot” of Skartaris, and help Warlord to resist the dictator Deimos, who’s conquering that land with the aid of Silver Banshee and Metallo — and Supergirl’s powers are failing her.

To Another Shore

Wonder Woman tries to protect the body of the Viking Prince from Secret Society agents Black Mantis and Giganta. If she can fight off Black Manta’s poison.   Also, J’onn J’onnz takes a leave of absence.

Flash and Substance

The Flash is attending the grand opening of the new Flash Museum …. But his arch-enemies Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master, Captain Cold and the Trickster are determined to not let it open!   Batman and Orion attend the grand opening and lend a hand, and Orion learns why he should respect the Flash in the process.

Dead Reckoning

The ghostly Deadman has Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman help defend Gorilla City from an assault by the Secret Society, rescuing the lives of Deadman’s friends in the process.

Patriot Act

A personal favorite episode, that serves as an homage to the Seven Soldiers of Victory from the 1940’s.   Shown in flashback, during World War II the heroic Spy Smasher steals the Captain Nazi serum from Nazi scientists; in the present day, General Eiling steals the formula and injects himself with it, in order to create a weapon against the metahumans.   Mutated by the formula (looking like his appearance in modern comics as the new Shaggy Man), he goes on a rampage, interrupting a parade and causing the non-powered members of the Justice League to take a stand against him …. And they may not survive.

The Great Brain Robbery

Lex Luthor and the Flash switch bodies, causing the Justice League to attempt to capture the superfast Luthor, while Flash tries to hide the change from the Secret Society.

Grudge Match

The villainess Roulette restarts Metabrawl, this time with an all-female fight card made up of mind-controlled Justice Leaguers. First the Huntress and Black Canary are set against Vixen and Hawkgirl; then the four must contend against the night’s main attraction: Wonder Woman.

Far from Home

In the 31st Century, Braniac 5 and Bouncing Boy need help from the Justice League.  And they recruit Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Supergirl to help them.   But only 2 of the Justice League may return.

Ancient History

The conclusion of the Hawkman/Hawkgirl/Shadow Thief story line concludes, as well as the Green Lantern/Hawkgirl/Vixen romantic triangle.


Lex Luthor led a coup against Gorilla Grodd, and takes the Secret Society of Supervillains to deep space, where he plans to use Talia’s magic to resurrect Braniac.   Grodd escapes, however, and leads a mutiny against Luthor and his forces.   After a climatic battle,Lex Luthor completes his plan to revive Braniac.  But with unexpected, and disastrous, results


The Justice League reluctantly joins forces with the Secret Society to repel the invasion, with an ultimate fight between Superman and Darkseid …. But can Lex Luthor save the day?

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