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Justice League season 2 episode guide

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Justice League season 2 - Superman, Batman, Wonder Wwoman, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter
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In the second season of Justice League, the team continues to work together, a romantic subplot between two of the heroes grows stronger – until the three-part season finale, where treachery threatens to tear the team apart – and destroy the planet, as well.

Justice League season 2 episode guide

  • Twilight (of the Gods)
    • The Justice League is tricked into defending Apokolips, Darkseid’s home world, from an invasion by Braniac.   Superman is distrustful of the entire situation … and with good reason!
  • Tabula Rasa
    • Lex Luthor manipulates a powerful android, Amazo, with the abilities to copy the superhuman abilities of anyone he encounters.   At the same time, the Martian Manhunter has trouble dealing with the backlash of scanning hundreds of human minds while telepathically searching for Luthor.
  • Only a Dream
    • While volunteering for an experiment while in prison, John Dee becomes the villainous Dr. Destiny, able to trap people in their dreams.   Soon the entire Justice League is in his trap, except for the Martian Manhunter and Batman …
  • Maid of Honor
    • Wonder Woman rescues, and befriends, the princess of Krasnia, a party girl who is engaged to be married to … the grandson of Vandal Savage?
  • Hearts and Minds
    • The villainous Despero has tapped into an awesome source of power, enabling him to overpower multiple Green Lanterns at the same time.   One of them, Kilowog, escapes to Earth, to request the help of John Stewart and the Justice League.   But after John is defeated, he has to be re-trained in the use of his ring, and face his fears … and Despero.
  • A Better World
    • A personal favorite from the entire series.   On a parallel world, after Lex Luthor has become President of the United States and nearly triggered a nuclear World War III, that world’s Superman crosses a line and murders Luthor. This leads to his team, the Justice Lords, becoming benevolent dictators of their world.   And they decide to “help”€ the Justice League’s world as well.
  • Eclipsed
    • A mysterious black diamond controls everyone who touches it — €”introducing the DC Comics villain Eclipso — €”who intends to use the power of the Justice League to destroy the world.
  • The Terror Beyond
    • An episode that deals with Hawkgirl’s atheism, against the backdrop of Aquaman, Doctor Fate and Solomon Grundy trying to prevent an invasion of Lovecraftian — €œold ones — € — €”with an homage to Marvel Comics’ team of superheroes, The Defenders.
  • Secret Society
    • Gorilla Grodd forms a group of supervillains, the Secret Society of Supervillains (Parasite, Giganta, Sinestro, the Shade, Clayface, and Killer Frost) and they try to use teamwork to destroy the Justice League.
  • Hereafter
    • Toyman tries to kill Superman — €”and seemingly succeeds.   The world mourns the loss, and Lobo tries to take Superman’s place in the Justice League — €”and fails.   However, 30,000 years in the future, a powerless Superman relies on the help of an unlikely ally to try to return to the past and undo the catastrophic harm done to the Earth by one of Vandal Savage’s schemes.
  • Wild Cards
    • A personal favorite episode.   The Joker, with the aid of his super-powered Royal Flush gang, has planted bombs in Las Vegas, and has challenged the Justice League to stop him.   An excellent episode, culminating with John Stewart and Hawkgirl being forced to deal with their feelings for each other.
  • Comfort and Joy
    • A “very special” Christmas episode, with the members of the Justice League celebrating Christmas in different ways. Including Flash & the Ultra-Humanite (?) helping children in an orphanage.   No, seriously!
  • Starcrossed
    • A three-part season finale, dealing with an alien invasion, and a traitor within the Justice League.   Some would say the best episode of the entire series.

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