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Let’s Do It Again [song lyrics]


Song lyrics to Let’s Do It Again, Music by Lester Lee, Lyrics by Ned Washington, as sung by The Sportsmen Quartet on The Red Skelton Show

[Introducing Let’s Do It Again] Long time ago, we had that good old barbershop, Then we came up through the Jazz age,And finally swing became the big thing. Now, right after the last war, we had a crazy new style develop. A thing called bop. However, we don’t like bop. [singing] It’s one big flop. It always leave us cold.

[Quartet singing]
Let’s bring back again the good old days
The days when the Jazz was bold.

They used to rag up the jazz on pianos
Let’s do it again
They used to sing “Yes we have no bananas
Let’s do it again

They had a Charleston beat to lift their feet
In 1924
And Dapper Dan the drummer man
Would try to knock his cymbals on the floor.

They used to do-wack-a-do-wack-a-do-wah
Let’s do it again
And Mr. Benny was just 39 back then
He won’t be again

Then a blond-haired swain came down from Maine
And made the women swoon
He used to moan through a megaphone
And this is what he’d croon:

My time is your time
Your time is my time
There’s no time like our time
And no one like me.

If we could swing back the world on its axis
Let’s do it again
There’d be no high cost of living or taxes
Let’s do it again

Bring back the day of the high starched collar
When we would get a lot more for a dollar
Let’s do it
Let’s do it
Let’s do it again!


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