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Knock on Wood song lyrics


Song lyrics to Knock on Wood (1942) music by M.K. Jerome, lyrics by Jack Scholl, performed by Dooley Wilson in Casablanca

[Editor’s note: in Knock on Wood, Dooley sings the question, and the audience answers]

Say, who’s got trouble? We got trouble!

How much trouble? Too much trouble!

Well now, don’t you frown, just knuckle down, and knock on wood!

Who’s unhappy? We’re unhappy!

How unhappy? Too unhappy!

That won’t do: when you are blue just knock on wood!

Who’s unlucky? We’re unlucky!

How unlucky? Too unlucky!

But your luck’ll change if you’ll arrange to knock on wood!

Who’s got nothin’? We got nothin’!

How much nothin’? Too much nothin’!

Say, nothin’s not an awful lot, but knock on wood!

Now who’s happy? We’re happy!

Just how happy? Very happy!

That’s the way we’re gonna stay, so knock on wood!

Now who’s lucky? We’re all lucky!

Just how lucky? Very lucky!

Well, smile up then! And once again let’s knock on wood!


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