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Jitterbug Bite


Jitterbug Bite lyrics – sung by Lucille Ball in Dance, Girl, Dance

I am just a sweet young thing of 22
Or so.
I never sink to smoke or drink
My life is one long…

I finish at Ms. Sniffing’s school
A model debutante
I know each fork and spoon and rule
I don’t say “can’t,” but “cahn’t”

My etiquette is “ooh, mais oui”
I pour a proper pot of tea
And even when I need a nip
I never, never, never slip

Well, almost never.

[to the orchestra] Oh, cut it out fellas!

Try to be a lady
Morning, noon and night
But when I hear music,
Get the Jitterbug Bite.

Over tea and crumpets
Gee, but I’m polite
But when I hear trumpets

Get the Jitterbug Bite.

I’m quite the quiet type
Poised in every move
But, boy, do I get noisy
When the boys get in the groove


How can I be highbrow?
What an awful plight
Gotta say goodbye now
You’ll pardon me, I gotta blow
I gotta a slight twitch in my toe
My feet are just itching to go

Got the Jitterbug Bite
Got the Jitterbug Bite, yeah, yeah!

Got a Jitterbug Bite!


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