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I’m Goin’ North [song lyrics]


Song lyrics to I’m Goin’ North (1943). Music by Arthur Schwartz, Lyrics by Frank Loesser. Performed by Jack Carson and Alan Hale in Thank Your Lucky Stars

Weren’t you on the bill with me
In Dallas?
Or was it the Palace?
Or was it the Strand?

Didn’t you have a blond with you
Named Alice?

Yes, that was in Dallas
And wasn’t she grand?

I know your face, it’s a face in a million
Shake, brother, shake
With a brother vaudevillian-

Hello. Hello.-
Hello. Hello.
You look all ready to go
But where you’re goin’ to go
I certainly wish you’d let me know-
Goodbye. Goodbye.-
Goodbye. Goodbye.

A happy fellow am I
And though you’ll call me an awful sap

Who? Me?

I found a wonderful spot on the map
I’m goin’ North

He’s goin’ North

Not talkin’ about South
Not talkin’ about South

Not talkin’ about West

One place he loves best

I’m shoutin’
I don’t wanna live without the…-

Why don’t they write a song about the…?-


You heard him say North-

Not talkin’ about East

He never mentioned East

I just wanna feast
Oh, boy, what a feast

These eyes on Syracuse and Albany

Buffalo and Schenectady

North is my favorite direction
Pointin’ to the State of Maine

Pardon me, boy
If that’s the Chattanooga Choo Choo
Well, I guess I must be
On the wrong train

Because I’m heading- North

I think you mean it

I’ve been back and forth

You’ve really seen it?

Oh, Mother
You can take a rock and slam me
If I should ever call you Mammy

Way up North-
Two, three, four- Two, three, four- Six, seven, eight- Six, seven, eight
Stop, I’m goin’ North

He’s still goin’ North
Too lazy down South
Hates the sugar cane in his mouth
Too lonely out West

Pardner, get it off your chest

I can’t begin to tell you how I love the…

Cities and states and counties of the…


He knows his own mind
Northeast will not do
He’s quite particular
Northwest gets me blue

He’s perpendicular

Head straight
For Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Labrador and on and on to the North
That’s my favorite direction
Pointin’ up to Hudson Bay

Pardon me, boy
But when the midnight choo-choo leave
For Alabama
I won’t be goin’ your way-

Because I’m headin’-

He’ll never have a famine

I’ve been back and forth

He lives on Nova Scotia salmon

You’ll find me
Where there is no cotton pickin’
Never again to fry a chicken
Way up North-

Stop, the North is my favorite direction-
Stop, the North is my favorite direction-

Pointin’ to the Arctic Sea-

Pointin’ to the Arctic Sea
Pardon me, boy,Is this the road to Mandalay?
Well, you can go to Mandalay but not me
Because we’re headin’


Is that your attitude?
I’ve been back and forth
In every latitude?

We are the only act in vaudeville
That never will be content
Until we’re way up

Mush- Hey-

Way up- Way up
We’re not from Dixie-

Way up

Way up

We are from hunger

We are from hunger

Way up North-

Way up North


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  1. Laurel Blechman says:

    Thanks for posting! This song is so clever & funny! May have to buy the movie just for the songs.

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