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The Horse Won’t Talk


Song lyrics to The Horse Won’t Talk, performed by Paul Frees in the musical  Gay Purr-ee  – lyrics by E.Y. Harburg, music by Harold Arlen

The birds will sing
From near and far
As we go a-trotting up the boulevard

Papa won’t scold
Mama won’t squawk
You’re safe in a buggy
— €˜Cause the horse won’t talk

A horse may run
A horse may walk
But fortunately
The horse won’t talk

Let’s smooch, smooch, smooch
And kiss, kiss, kiss
No old gossip-puss
Will know of this

Alors, why bolt?
Alors, why balk?
We can’t have a scandal
— €˜Cause the horse won’t talk

A horse may swish
A horse may bray
But all he’ll ever say
Is neigh, neigh, neigh

Clippy clop
Clippy clop

Life is sweet, Chéri
Spring is on it’s way

Snuggle up
Snuggle up

Ma petite Chéri
This kind of way of love
Ain’t hay

So let’s not waste
The evening hush
The winds may whistle
And the sky may blush

But don’t be a fuddy-duddy
And a gawk
You can’t lose nothing,
— €˜Cause the horse won’t talk


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