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Brigadoon lyrics

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Brigadoon lyrics from the Gene Kelly musical Brigadoon

Brigadoon, Brigadoon,
Blooming under sable skies.
Brigadoon, Brigadoon,
There my heart forever lies.
Let the world grow cold around us,
Let the heavens cry above!
Brigadoon, Brigadoon,
In thy valley, there’ll be love!

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Superman: Doomsday

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Movie review of ‘Superman:Doomsday’, the direct to DVD animation of the story arc from DC comics. Where Superman faces an unstoppable creature – Doomsday.  And how he lays his own life on the line to stop it.  And how the world deals with the loss of Superman.

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Batman : Mystery of the Batwoman

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A very well-done full-length animated movie set in the fictional world of the Batman, where a new costumed vigilante is prowling Gotham – with a total disregard for human life.   Batman has a list of three suspects to deal with, while trying to stop the machinations of the Penguin, Rupert Thorne and a crime boss.   Is the female of the species more deadly than the male?   Read and find out!

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Betty Garrett biography

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Betty Garrett (born May 23, 1919, St. Joseph, Missouri) is an American actress, comedienne, and dancer who belonged to the golden era of the movie musical, such as On the Town and Neptune’s Daughter. in her later career, she is best known for a pair of roles in two prominent 1970s sitcoms: Archie Bunker’s liberal next-door neighbor, Irene Lorenzo, in All in the Family€™ and Edna Babish in €˜Laverne and Shirley€™.

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