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Prelude to Murder

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Sherlock Holmes - Prelude to Murder (aka Dressed to Kill) (1946) starring Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce
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Sherlock Holmes – Prelude to Murder (aka Dressed to Kill) (1946) starring Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce

Holmes: Somehow, the tune… is the key to the mystery. It must be the tune. Otherwise, why use three musical boxes to convey the message? Why not collar boxes, or shoe boxes? 

Product Description 

The legendary Sherlock Holmes must apply his keen ear for music to help solve this thrilling case. A trio of music boxes contains the hidden secret to vast riches, and a group of criminals is willing to kill for them. When a friend of Dr. Watson’s is the first victim, Holmes is on the case. This is the last of Basil Rathbone’s portrayals of the iconic Sherlock Holmes, and certainly one of the best. 

The amazing colorization, created with a new cutting-edge digital technology, breathes new life into this classic film. Also included is the original black-and-white version, beautifully restored. This is the definitive DVD edition of Prelude to Murder.

Watson: Holmes! You all right? 
Holmes: Perfectly, thank you, old fellow, but I think this gentleman on the floor requires some medical attention. We must see that he looks his best, you know, when he’s hanged. 

Cast of characters

  • Basil Rathbone (The Woman In Green, Sherlock Holmes and The Secret Weapon) … Sherlock Holmes. The consulting detective, who’s first intrigued by the story Stinky tells, of being assaulted & robbed of a cheap music box.
  • Nigel Bruce (The Hound of the Baskervilles 1939, Limelight) … Doctor Watson. Holmes’ bumbling best friend.
  • Patricia Morison (Calling Dr. Death, The Song of Bernadette) … Mrs. Hilda Courtney. The lovely, dangerous young woman. She’s at the center of the thefts, though she doesn’t like murder. Primarily because it would bring Scotland Yard’s scrutiny. One of my favorite scenes is where she uses one of Holmes’ famous ruses to get Watson to reveal where the final music box is hidden!
  • Edmund Breon (The Woman in the Window) … Julian ‘Stinky’ Emery. Watson’s old friend. A collector of antique music boxes, who’s assaulted and robbed. Oddly, even though he had over 5,000 pounds worth of boxes, the thief took only a cheap box he recently acquired.
  • Frederick Worlock (One Hundred and One Dalmatians, She-Wolf of London) … Colonel Cavanaugh. Professor Moriarty’s right-hand man, who’s behind the scheme.
  • Carl Harbord (Sahara) … Inspector Hopkins
  • Patricia Cameron (Kitty) … Evelyn Clifford
  • Holmes Herbert (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1931, Sherlock Holmes and The Secret Weapon) … Ebenezer Crabtree
  • Harry Cording (The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938) … Hamid. The “muscle” of the trio of criminals. Murderer of one of the theft victims.
  • Leyland Hodgson (Bedlam) … Tour Guide
  • Mary Gordon (The Invisible Woman) … Mrs. Hudson. Holmes’ and Watson’s landlady. Who has to clean up the mess after their apartment is burgled.
  • Ian Wolfe (Mad Love, Witness for the Prosecution) … Commissioner of Scotland Yard

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