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Revenge of the Creature [John Agar]

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Revenge of the Creature (1955) starring John Agar, Joan Bromfield, Lori Nelson
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Revenge of the Creature (1955) starring John Agar, Joan Bromfield, Lori Nelson

Revenge of the Creature. Determined men travel back up the Amazon to capture the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Once found the Creature is stunned by dynamite. Then, the gill-man is transported to Marineland (in Florida) for revival, exhibition and study. Strongly objecting to captivity and jabs from an underwater electric cattle prod, he escapes. However, he tracks down and abducts beautiful lady scientist Helen Dobson. Which sets authorities (led by Professor Clete Ferguson) to dog his heels

Cast of characters

  • John Agar (Tarantula) as Professor Clete Ferguson. The animal psychologist studying the captured Creature from the Black Lagoon. He falls in love with Helen … as does the Creature itself. In fact, creature’s interest in Helen severely hampers Clete’s efforts to communicate with it.
  • Lori Nelson (Pardners) as Helen Dobson. The attractive ichthyology student, who falls in love with Clete. However, Joe also has eyes for her, as does the Creature. It’s a romantic rectangle!
  • John Bromfield as Joe Hayes. The Gill-man’s keeper, who is also pursuing Helen. The Creature kills him as it escapes to the sea.
  • Nestor Paiva (The Creature from the Black Lagoon) as Lucas, the boat captain. He reprises his role from the previous film, returning to the Black Lagoon.
  • The Creature (Ricou Browning underwater, Tom Hennesy on land). The Gill-Man, who is captured, escapes … And kidnaps Helen, with Clete and the police in hot pursuit.


Revenge of the Creature is probably the weakest of the Gill-Man movies. In many ways, it’s less of a sequel, and closer to a remake. The plot is very similar to The Creature from the Black Lagoon. It is interesting to watch the Creature rampaging through civilization, however.


  • A young Clint Eastwood makes his first uncredited screen appearance as lab technician Jennings. He discusses with Professor Ferguson (John Agar) about an experiment involving a cat and several mice sharing the same cage. He points out that one of the mice in the cage is missing and accuses the cat of eating it, but discovers that the missing mouse was in his lab coat pocket.
  • Actor and stuntman Tom Hennesy almost drowned during filming.
  • Reported to be the highest-grossing movie of the “Creature” trilogy.
  • In its first run engagements, it was usually supported by Cult of the Cobra on the lower half of the bill.

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