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Rebirth of Mothra II


Synopsis of Rebirth of Mothra II (1997) starring Megumi Kobayashi, Sayaka Yamaguchi

In Rebirth of Mothra II, two young kids inadvertently unleash a giant sea creature which is somehow strengthened from the abundance of modern-day pollution. Mothra’s keepers, the tiny twins Moll and Lora, quickly rouse the gentle giant in order to combat this latest threat to peace.

Editorial review of Rebirth of Mothra II courtesy of Amazon.com

Continuing the conservation themes of Rebirth of Mothra, the sequel finds Japan at the mercy of the dreaded sea monster Dagahra, a rampaging junior-league Godzilla that feeds off pollution and infests the waters of the Pacific with a choking plague of putrid starfish. Three schoolkids are enlisted by a bouncing furry creature named Go-Go (looking like an unholy union between a Tribble and a Furbee) to join forces with Mothra and her pixie sidekicks Moll and Lora.

Their adventure takes them on a mythic quest to an underwater city where they search for magic treasure and battle dark fairy Belvera and her dim treasure-hunting henchmen. More fantasy epic than monster mash, this family-friendly adventure draws inspiration from Star Wars (the underwater pyramid is like an ancient stone Death Star) and Raiders of the Lost Ark, while the battles between Dagahra and Mothra combine a sprinkling of magic with tried-and-true epic creature collisions.

There is a decidedly juvenile bent to the film, with its adolescent heroes and slapstick asides, but the funky monsters and pixie costars buzzing through the movie–not to mention Mothra’s too-cool transformation to the hornetlike underwater Aqua Mothra–keep the energy level high and add visual beauty to the giant-monster quotient. If you can get past the grating English dubbing, it’s a fun family adventure. –Sean Axmaker


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