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Monster From The Ocean Floor

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Monster From The Ocean Floor (1954) by Roger Corman
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Monster From The Ocean Floor (1954) by Roger Corman

Buy from Amazon In Monster From The Ocean Floor, our protagonists investigate a rash of missing person reports along Mexico’s Gulf Coast. They become entangled in an ancient feud between a small village and a sea monster. In fear for their lives, the townsfolk turn to a primitive ritual. One which calls for a human sacrifice to appease the one eyed beast. Julie, it seems, is perfect fish food, and they are anxious to plunge her into the drink.


  • The underwater cinematography is quite nice.
  • The acting, although by unknown actors, was fine.
  • The fake-looking monster is only on screen sparingly.
  • They don’t actually do a human sacrifice. Though Pablo does drip some blood into the water in an attempt to attract a shark, to kill Julie.


  • The forced romance is … well, forced.
  • The monster, when seen, is quite cheesy.


  • Mankind is going to overpopulate the planet, and starve!
  • Radiation may be responsible for the giant, mutated sea monster.
  • “You’re a man of science!”

Cast of characters

Cast of characters in Monster From The Ocean Floor
  • Anne Kimbell (Port Sinister) … Julie Blair. Attractive young lady on vacation. An illustrator by trade. She inserts herself into the ongoing drama. And, faints. A lot.
  • Stuart Wade (Teenage Monster) … Steve Dunning. Biologist, who quickly falls in love with the beautiful Julie. Pilot of the one-man submarine.
  • Dick PinnerDr. Baldwin. Scientist, in charge of the expedition. They’re trying to find out what is killing people along the coast.
  • Wyott OrdungPablo. He’s heard stories about a sea monster. Which he gladly tells to Julie.
  • Inez PalangeTula. The monster ate her dog! She browbeats Pablo into kidnapping Julie …. For a human sacrifice. But, the kind-hearted man doesn’t have the heart to hurt her.
  • Jonathan Haze (Little Shop of Horrors, Not of This Earth) … Joe
  • David GarciaJose. His brother has gone missing … Underwater, from inside his deep sea diving outfit!
Where did he go?


  • The first film produced by Roger Corman.
  • Producer Roger Corman got the idea for the movie while reading a “Los Angeles Times” article. It was about a one-man submarine manufactured by Aerojet General. He phoned them and asked if he could use it in a film. Telling them that he couldn’t pay them but they’d get free publicity.
  • Stuart Wade came up with the idea to sing a song in the movie.

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