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Gamera Super Monster

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Gamera Super Monster
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Gamer Super Monster is a clip movie. Gamera defeats his previous enemies. Young Keiichi cheers him on …. And the three space women fly around.


Gamera Super Monster is, simply put, a clip movie. The studio strung together clips from earlier Gamera movies. Clips of Gamera defeating his various enemies. They make a coherent story out of it with a plot about three “spacewomen”. Three female superheroes who protect the planet …. But aren’t very effective against Kaiju, apparently. Good thing Keiichi’s there to cheer Gamera on.

In all seriousness, Gamera Super Monster is actually an enjoyable kids movie. It would likely bore people teenaged and older. But that’s not the market for this film.


  • Mach Fumiake as Kilara. The leader of the spacewomen. She gets the most screen time and dialogue of the three. She’s compassionate …. She defeats Giruge in combat. And then prevents her from committing suicide.
  • Yaeko Kojima as Marsha. Another spacewomen.
  • Yoko Komatsu as Mitan. The third spacewomen.
  • Keiko Kudo as Giruge. She works for the pirate ship, Zanon. Clearly unwillingly. Especially since Zanon keeps threatening to kill her each time Gamera’s the victor. She clearly has a change of heart after Kilara saves her from suicide. And the next day, she wakes up in Keiichi’s room. There, she’s recovering from a leg wound. And Keiichi’s mother all but adopts her …. Since Keiichi has always wanted a sister.
  • Koichi Maeda as Keiichi. The young child protagonist. Thankfully, he’s not obnoxious. So many of the child protagonists in earlier Gamera films tend to be.
  • Toshie Takada as Keiichi’s mother. A kind, loving woman. Who’s apparently totally unaware of the destruction of the city.


Gamera Super Monster
  • Gamera. Our monster protagonist. A gigantic turtle that consumes heat and radioactivity. Gamera flies by shooting flames out of its leg holes and spinning. He breathes fire, and is a friend to all children.
  • Gyaos. A bat-like monster that first appeared in Gamera vs. Gyaos.
  • Guiron. A giant knife-like monster. It actually shoots shirikens from its’ head. And Gamera shoves a missile in the opening, and explodes it! Yes, this is a kids’ movie. It first appeared in Gamera vs. Guiron.
  • Barugon. Horned dinosaur. He first appeared in Gamera vs. Barugon.
  • Jiger. Kaiju dinosaur. First appeared in Gamera vs. Jiger.
  • Viras. The Zanon of the film. Tentacled, spike-headed monster. It actually manages to impale Gamera. But, Gamera actually uses that. I’ve heard of walking off an injury…. But that’s ridiculous!
  • Zigra. A shark-like kaiju. It actually has the advantage over Gamera underwater. So, Gamera brings it up on land. And kills it there.


  • Final Showa era Gamera movie, and final Showa era giant monster film. The Showa era refers to the giant monster films made between Godzilla (1954) and this film.
  • Made with the intention of pulling production company Daiei out of debt. The film failed at the box office, and Daiei filed for bankruptcy about six months later.
  • The space pirate ship is clearly modeled after an Imperial Star Destroyer from Star Wars.
  • The Space Woman change from civilian clothes to their “super” costumes in a style similar to Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman.

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