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Devil Girl From Mars

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Devil Girl From Mars (1955) starring Hazel Court, Patricia Laffan
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Devil Girl From Mars (1955) starring Hazel Court, Patricia Laffan

The Devil Girl From Mars and her robot come to earth looking for men to take back to her planet to replenish a dying male population. Cult British science fiction movie from the 1950s.


  • Male and female protagonist falling deeply in love after only meeting a few hours before.
  • Advanced conquering aliens totally despising humanity for their low level of technology (comparatively).
  • Imprisoned for a murder he didn’t commit.
  • The alien looks completely human, and speaks English flawlessly.
  • Heroic sacrifice. Actually, this is kind of sweet, since all of the men volunteer to be chosen, and destroy the ship from within, to save the women they love.

Product Description

Nyah - the titular Devil Girl from Mars
Nyah – the titular Devil Girl from Mars

Nyah (Patricia Laffan) is a commander from Mars who is part of an alien team looking for Earth men to replenish the male population of her planet. Her space saucer is damaged when entering Earth’s atmosphere, and she is forced to land in the remote Scottish moors. On Mars, the freedom of women led to open warfare between the sexes. The females won, but their victory lead to the sexual impotence of the planet’s entire male population. So, Nyah spends her time in a Scottish bar where she makes threats toward the local women to give up their men.

Nyah entices one of the town’s men aboard her ship, Professor Hennessy (Joseph Tomelty), but the professor suggests that one of the other men at the inn volunteer to go back with her to Mars. A selfless volunteer agrees to go, with the intention of sabotaging the Devil Girl’s spacecraft after takeoff. Will his plan work and save the rest of the Earth’s male population? Watch this crazy science fiction film to see what happens to Nyah’s evil plans. This is a superb British cult film you can’t afford to miss!


  • Hugh McDermottMichael Carter. Reporter, traveling with the Professor. He recognizes who “Albert” really is.
  • Hazel Court (The Curse of Frankenstein) … Ellen Prescott. Model from London, staying at the inn.
  • Peter ReynoldsAlbert. Escaped prisoner, who comes to Doris for refuge.
  • Adrienne Corri (Madhouse) … Doris. Worker at the pub, Albert’s former girlfriend. She’s rightfully offended that, after accidentally killing a man, he married a different girl.
  • Joseph Tomelty (A Night to Remember) … Professor Henderson. The government’s asked him to investigate the meteorite.
  • John Laurie (The Reptile) … Mr. Jamieson. The proprietor, who’s a little too fond of drink. So, his wife keeps him on a short leash. But they both genuinely love each other.
  • Sophie StewartMrs. Jamieson. Stern, but not unkind, proprietor of the pub.
  • Anthony RichmondTommy. Mrs. Jamieson’s nephew, staying with her for a visit.
  • James EdmondDavid. Limping worker at the inn. He gives Doris “the creeps”. Vaporized by Nyah shortly after she lands.
  • Stewart Hibberd … News reader
  • Patricia Laffan (Quo Vadis) … Nyah. The heartless, cold, conqueror from Mars. She looks down on humanity as being grossly inferior. Even though she plans to bring “fresh blood” back with her to Mars, since their population is declining.

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