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Daughter of Dr. Jekyll

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Daughter of Dr. Jeyll (1957) starring Gloria Talbott, John Agar, Arthur Shields
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Daughter of Dr. Jeyll (1957) starring Gloria Talbott, John Agar, Arthur Shields

Daughter of Dr. Jekyll – a young woman discovers that she’s secretly the daughter of Dr. Jekyll. And shortly after, a series of vicious murders start …


Daughter of Dr. Jekyll is a low-budget, 1950’s horror film. It’s actually enjoyable, although frankly predictable. All of the cast give good performances. It also treats the story of Dr. Jekyll … strangely. People refer to him as a werewolf. His corpse is buried through a stake through the heart, like a vampire.

It’s a short film, with a straightforward story. It’s unfortunately predictable.


  • John Agar (Tarantula) … George Hastings. Our male protagonist. Fiancée of Janet, he accompanies her to visit her guardian. When strange things start happening, he thinks the best of Janet, takes her side, and protects her.
  • Gloria Talbott (The Leech Woman) … Janet Smith. Our female protagonist, and the titular Daughter of Dr. Jekyll. Which is quite the shock to her. Dr Lomas, although he’s known the entire time of her heritage, has kept it a secret. Soon, she’ll be an adult, and inherit her fortune. Which the doctor has been in charge of. And out of the blue, she starts having terrifying dreams. And horrible murders start occurring …
  • Arthur Shields (The Quiet Man) … Dr. Lomas. Janet’s guardian, who tells her the story of her father. The blood-thirsty vampire werewolf maniac who went on a killing spree. Of course, he’ll suffer monetarily when she takes control of the estate …
  • John Dierkes (The Premature Burial) … Jacob. One of the superstitious villagers. Who want to blame everything on Janet, of course.
  • Mollie McCardMaid Maggie. Fairly nice young lady. Superstitious. One of the early victims of the mysterious killer.
  • Martha WentworthMrs. Merchant

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Janet, a young woman discovers she is the daughter of the infamous Dr. Jekyll. She begins to believe that she may also have a split personality, one of whom is a ruthless killer after the bodies start to pile up around her. However, all is not what it seems…..

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