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Moon of the Wolf

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Moon of the Wolf (1972) starring David Janssen, Barbara Rush, Bradford Dillman
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Moon of the Wolf (1972) starring David Janssen, Barbara Rush, Bradford Dillman

Synopsis of Moon of the Wolf

In Moon of the Wolf, a rash of mysterious killings terrorize a small Louisiana town. When a trail of ravaged bodies turn up, folks on the bayou fear they’re being haunted by a wicked Cajun werewolf known as the loup-garou. It’s up to the town’s intrepid sheriff (David Janssen) to get to the bottom of things in this classic example of 70s horror fare.

Review of Moon of the Wolf

In short, Moon of the Wolf is a surprisingly enjoyable werewolf movie.  Despite being made as a TV movie of the week, it has very good production values, cinematography, and acting.  There’s no new take on the werewolf genre, but the story unfolds organically, not predictably.  It’s a frankly enjoyable monster movie for a rainy afternoon.

Cast of characters in Moon of the Wolf

  • Sheriff Aaron Whitaker (David JanssenThe FugitiveThe Green Berets).  The small-town sheriff who has to deal with the vicious murder of a young lady.  She’s a descendant of the town founder, torn to pieces.  Was it wild dogs? Or murder? The young lady was pregnant and unmarried …
  • Louise Rodanthe (Barbara RushIt Came From Outer SpaceWhen Worlds Collide).  Another descendant of the town founders – who had a crush with the Sheriff when they were in high school.  And he reciprocated.  And they’re both trying to rekindle it.  Which hee brother doesn’t approve of.
  • Andrew Rodanthe (Bradford DillmanEscape from the Planet of the Apes).  The unapproving brother, who’s trying to cover up his sister’s “dark secret”.  Which, frankly, isn’t that dark by today’s standards.
  • Dr. Druten (John BeradinoGeneral Hospital).  The doctor who performed the autopsy on the dead young lady.  And, it’s revealed, the father of the unborn child … But he insists to the Sheriff that he truly loved her, and wouldn’t have killed her.
  • Lawrence Burrifors (Geoffrey Lewis).  The brother of the dead woman – who suspects the doctor, and assaults him. He’s locked in the jail, where that night he’s attacked by … the loup garou!
  • Hugh Burrifors (Paul R. DeVille).  The father of Lawrence and the murdered girl.  He speaks only French, tries to warn of the loup garou, and even makes … loup garou repellant.  Which, oddly, becomes a plot point.

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