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Invisible Ghost

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Invisible Ghost (1941) starring Bela Lugosi
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Invisible Ghost (1941) starring Bela Lugosi

Invisible Ghost – a very unusual, very enjoyable murder mystery. Someone is killing people in a small town. And the kindly town doctor finds himself at the center of the mystery …


Buy from Amazon Invisible Ghost is a well done horror movie. The horror is psychological. There are no monsters per se, except for human beings. It’s set in a small town, where a kindly older man is a doctor, raising his daughter. He’s a widower, his wife having died many years before. And then one murder happens in this small town, followed by more.

And the story’s excellently told, as the backstory’s unravelled bit by bit. Then the murder suspect’s twin brother comes to investigate the mystery, and with the help of the doctor’s daughter, begins to do so. And when the audience begins to see what’s really happening, it’s sad and heartbreaking. It’s one of those stories where the audience feels sorry for the murderer — but in real life wouldn’t want to be near him.

It’s a sad revelation, and the entire movie’s extremely well done. Spoiler alert: I don’t spoil movies, but the product description below does — you’ve been warned.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Cast of characters in Invisible Ghost

Product Description 

The great Joseph H. Lewis (Gun Crazy, My Name is Julia Ross) directed this classic Monogram horror film about a man who unknowingly carries out a series of grisly murders while under the power of his insane and domineering wife (Betty Compson, The Docks of New York). Horror legend Bela Lugosi (Dracula, Chandu the Magician) stars in this dark Jekyll & Hyde tale as a kindly doctor whose thought-to-be-dead wife hypnotizes him, turning him into an unwitting homicidal killer. This was the first and the best of nine Monogram Pictures made by producer Sam Katzman (Earth vs. the Flying Saucers, It Came from Beneath the Sea) co-starring Polly Ann Young (The Man From Utah) and Clarence Muse (The Black Stallion).

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Dr. Charles Kessler (Bela Lugosi) lives with his daughter Virginia Kessler (Polly Ann Young) and his servants and misses his wife that left him. When there is a murder in his house, Virginia’s fiancée Ralph Dickson (John McGuire) is accused of the killing and sentenced to death penalty. Soon his twin brother comes to stay, meanwhile Mrs Kessler is alive and hidden in the garden house!

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