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It Came From Beneath the Sea

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It Came From Beneath the Sea (1955) starring Kenneth Tobey, Faith Domergue
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It Came From Beneath the Sea (1955) starring Kenneth Tobey, Faith Domergue

In It Came From Beneath the Sea, an atomic submarine first has an unfriendly encounter with … something. Which turns out to be a giant, radioactive octopus! What can the Navy do about it?

Movie review

It Came From Beneath the Sea is an excellent monster movie. It begins slowly, with an atomic submarine on a shakedown cruise. And deep beneath the sea, it has an encounter with … something. Something very large, and radioactive. The sub manages to get away, but with a chunk of the creature still attached to its hull. Back in port, the Navy is determined to find out what it was. And so, it turns to various scientists, experts in their field, to try and find out what it was.

Their answer? a deep sea cephalopod driven from its home by the H-bomb tests in the Marshall Islands. Which the Navy brass … are skeptical of, to say the least. But shortly after, the creature attacks a tramp steamer. Leaving few survivors. And there’s a little conflict between Commander Matthews as Professor Joyce — romantic conflict. Which gives some interesting characters to care about. And the survivors, seeing how the first survivor’s treated like a nut case after describing what he’s seen, all deny having seen anything.

But soon, there are other sightings of mysterious attacks … And then it’s attacking in plain site. With a classic attack on San Francisco!

It Came from Beneath the Sea - attacking the Golden Gate Bridge!

Product Description

The action is wet and wild in this sci-fi thriller that pits man – and woman – against a giant octopus. Submariner commander Pete Matthews (Kenneth Tobey) and scientists Lesley Joyce (Faith Domergue) and John Carter (Donald Curtis) battle an angry sea monster driven from the depths by an H-bomb explosion. In search of non-contaminated food this tentacled tyrant counts among its victims a fishing trawler and its passengers, a family sunning at the beach, several San Francisco skyscrapers and even the Golden Gate Bridge! A daring attempt by scientists to destroy the monster while saving themselves is a gripping finale to this aquatic adventure. the riveting special effects were created by Ray Harryhausen.

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