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Christopher Columbus (1949) starring Frederic March
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Christopher Columbus (1949) starring Frederic March

Frederic March stars as the legendary explorer, Christopher Columbus. Navigating the Spanish court intrigues, mutinous crew, and then …

Father Perez: I see you’re a scholar, my son, as well as a traveler.
Christopher Columbus: Certainly a traveler, Father. I’ve sailed as far north as Iceland, as far south as Guinea, and eastward to the Golden Horn.
Father Perez: But that is to have reached the limits of the World.
Christopher Columbus: Of the known world? Yes, Father, but the actual world… not by a thousand leagues.
Father Perez: How can you say that – never having seen it?
Christopher Columbus: Have you ever seen Heaven or Hell?
Father Perez: We have sound reasons for believing they exist.
Christopher Columbus: I have sound reasons too.
Father Perez: What are they?
Christopher Columbus: The same as yours, Father, and revelations to which I can add cosmography and mathematics.

Product Description 

In this classic 1949 production, Frederic March gives an outstanding performance as Christopher Columbus, the world’s most daring explorer! Surrounded by doubters, Columbus convinces Queen Isabella to provide him with ships and money necessary for his voyage past the earth’s known limits. Follow Columbus’ incredible journey as he battles mutiny, exhaustion, and desperation on his way to the ultimate discovery…the new world! 

After 71 grueling days at sea, the crewmembers of the Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria sight a tropical paradise which they christen San Salvador. The natives of the island eagerly trade their abundant raw materials with Columbus for his European goods. 

Columbus is greeted as a national hero after returning to Spain with gold, spices, riches and tales of his amazing findings. However, he must continue to battle jealous enemies who are plotting his downfall. 

Both classic movie fans and history buffs will enjoy the dramatic story of the steadfast man who changed the face of the world…Christopher Columbus! 

Also stars Florence Eldridge, Francis L. Sullivan Nora Swinburne, and James Robertson Justice.

Christopher Columbus: [as he and Diego observe a native smoking tobacco] Doesn’t that prove how backward they are? You never see a civilized man do that. 

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