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Broadway Bill (1934) - Frank Capra, Myrna Loy, Walter Baxter
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Broadway Bill (1934) – movie review – Frank Capra, Myrna Loy, Walter Baxter

Broadway Bill (1934) - Frank Capra, Myrna Loy, Walter Baxter

Movie review of Broadway Bill– a ‘lost’ classic, found & restored, starring Myrna Loy, Walter Baxter. Look for a very young Lucille Ball in a minor role as a telephone operator

Tycoon J.L. Higgins controls his whole family, but one of his sons-in-law, Dan Brooks and his daughter Alice are fed up with that. Brooks quits his job as manager of J.L.’s paper box factory and devotes his life to his racing horse Broadway Bill, but his bankroll is thin and the luck is against him, he is arrested because of $150 he owes somebody for horse food, but suddenly a planned fraud by somebody else seems to offer him a chance …

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Sick of Higgins’ controlling nature, Dan finally decides to stand up for himself. Quitting his job as manager of a factory owned by J.L., Dan dedicates all of his time to his racing horse, Broadway Bill, in hopes that he can profit from his trusty steed. Arrested for not repaying a supplier he owed money to, Dan must rely on the success of Broadway Bill to bail him out.

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