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Destiny of the Daleks [Doctor Who]

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Destiny of the Daleks, starring Tom Baker, Lalla Ward
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Destiny of the Daleks, starring Tom Baker, Lalla Ward

Synopsis of Destiny of the Daleks

The Doctor (Tom Baker) and the newly-regenerated Romana land on a strangely familiar planet and investigate the drilling that is going on there. The Daleks are searching for their creator, Davros (last seen in ‘Genesis of the Daleks‘), in the hope that he can assist them in their war with the Movellans. The Doctor has to reach the evil Kaled scientist before the Daleks, but just who can he trust?

Review of Destiny of the Daleks

Destiny of the Daleks is a very very enjoyable fourth Doctor episode of Doctor Who. Like many of the best episodes, the Doctor and Romana are deposited on a strange planet by the TARDIS. And soon, they find themselves caught between two warring factions.

Part 1

The Doctor (Tom Baker) and Romana (Lalla Ward) in "Destiny of the Daleks"

First, the Doctor and Romana arrive on a desolate world. And soon find out they’re not alone. Then, the Doctor is trapped under debris. While Ramona goes to find help (K-9), he’s taken prisoner by a strange group the Movellans. At the very end of the episode, Time Lady Romana falls down a shaft …. Where she’s taken prisoner by Daleks!

Part 2

Tyssan, an escaped prisoner of the Daleks

The Movellans try to discover the purpose of the Daleks. Meanwhile, Romana joins other humans as slave labor for the Daleks. And the radiation appears to make her quite ill. Then, the escaped prisoner, Tyssan, is found by the Movellans …. And the Doctor, who clearly doesn’t trust them. What are the Daleks searching for?

Part 3

the Doctor, Romana, and Tyssan have found the sleeping Davros in "Destiny of the Daleks"

First, the Doctor, Romana, and Tyssan have found the sleeping Davros. Then they’re trapped underground, and the Daleks are approaching. Afterward, the Doctor and Davros have a conversation. The Doctor asks a good question: What do the Daleks need Davros for? Meanwhile, the Doctor turns explosives into “life insurance”. He soon has a “Mexican standoff” with the Daleks. Romana and Tyssan have gone to get help. The Movellans move forward with their own plan. And the Doctor discovers their secret …

Part 4

The Doctor and Romana running in "Destiny of the Daleks"

The Doctor finds Romana in the death trap that the Movellans had put her in. They’re both unconscious prisoner of the Movellans. But Tysson is still free …. The Doctor and Romana use “rocks, scissors, paper” to demonstrate to the Movellans why they are in perpetual deadlock in their war against the Daleks. And it’s Tyssan and the other escaped prisoners to the rescue! Of course, the Dalek suicide bombers are on their way …. And the last free Movellan tries to detonate the Nova Device and kill all life on the planet!

Spoiler-free thoughts on Destiny of the Daleks

  • Chrome dreadlocks don’t look good on anyone – even robots.
  • Tyssan, in many ways, is the secret hero of the show.
  • There’s a lot of “playing possum” in this serial.
  • My hat’s off to the Fourth Doctor – and how he defeats the guardian Dalek. (pun alert!)
  • When the suicide belts explode, it made me think of the ISIS bombers who accidentally detonated themselves.
  • Davros on ice. Davrosicle?

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