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Make Mine Mink(1960) starring Terry Thomas


Make Mine Mink —  a farce about some middle-aged people who decide to break up their boring lives by …  Stealing minks, and donating the proceeds to charity. Starring Terry Thomas

Review of  Make Mine Mink

I will admit to not being the largest fan of Terry Thomas — he typically plays the scoundrel (Don’t Raise the Bridge, Lower the River for one of many examples), the outright villain (Munster Go Home for one of many examples). I frankly enjoyed him more when he plays a character outside of these roles (The Abominable Dr. Phibes, for example) — €” and definitely here in  Make Mine Mink.

Terry-Thomas plays a retired military man, who has nothing to do.  And he takes his boredom out on the other people in his boarding house by attempting to micro-manage the house schedule. The other retirees are likewise bored and have no purpose in their lives.  Until one of them accidentally brings home a mink that doesn’t belong to them. The movie segues into these lovable retirees, plus a likable young lady.  She is an ex-con who is initially ignorant of the scheme.  And becomes love interest to a police officer.  They attempt to steal minks from the idle rich and sell them, using the money for charity. It’s enjoyable, with the not-quite-incompetent group’s growing sets of attempted robberies.  And how they get out of it. I recommend it, and rate it 4 stars out of 5.

Editorial review of Make Mine Mink, courtesy of  Amazon.com

Make Mine Mink (1960) was adapted from a West End stage farce, Breath of Spring. In a mansion block in Knightsbridge, a gang of middle-aged biddies decide to brighten up “the dullness of the tea time of life” by staging a series of robberies on furriers, then donating the proceeds to charitable concerns. Terry Thomas as a retired army officer leads the gang, which includes Athene Seyler and Hattie Jacques, on a series of capers that nearly go awry when their maid, Billie Whitelaw, an ex-con and also a resident of the block, falls for a police officer.

Among many funny scenes is a particular gem between Seyler and Kenneth Williams, her nephew to whom she hopes to palm off a stolen mink, and another where Terry Thomas enters a low-down dive to the accompaniment of the Harry Lime theme€. The playing of the whole cast is second to none under the direction of Robert Asher, who with his cameraman disguises the stage origins of the piece very adeptly.

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