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Left Behind – World at War

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Left Behind - World at War, starring Lou Gossett, Jr., Kirk Cameron, Gordon Currie, Brad Johnson, Chelsea Noble
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Left Behind – World at War (2005), starring Lou Gossett Jr., Kirk Cameron, Gordon Currie, Brad Johnson, Chelsea Noble

Synopsis of Left Behind – World at War

 President Gerald Fitzhugh (Lou Gossett Jr.) lives in a different world — everyone does. A year and a half ago hundreds of millions of people vanished. In the chaos, Nicolae Carpathia offered hope and now rules the entire world. But after Fitzhugh is nearly killed, he suspects Nicolae. Desperate, Fitzhugh forces journalist Buck Williams (Kirk Cameron) to help him, but soon they’re both running for their lives as the world is plunged into World War III.

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Third in a series of films based on the bestselling novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, Left Behind: World at War finds the post-Rapture Earth an even bleaker place than in the previous movies. As the Antichrist himself, Nicolae Carpathia (Gordon Currie), uses his newfound powers as head of the world government to bring war and plague on every nation, the American president (Louis Gossett Jr.) teams with a Christian resistance fighter (Jessica Steen) to try to stop him. Meanwhile, series hero Buck Williams (Kirk Cameron) discovers that Carpathia’s biological front in a coming apocalypse is particularly devious: Freshly published Bibles are carrying a deadly disease ravaging thousands–and may very likely claim Buck’s new bride.

Buck’s father-in-law, pilot Rayford Steele (Brad Johnson), has problems of his own facing the not-inconsiderable temptations of former flight attendant Hattie Daniels (Chelsea Noble), now one of Carpathia’s many lovers. Directed by Craig R. Baxley (Rose Red), Left Behind: World at War is particularly crisp and effective drama, even when the action stops, as it often does, for many of the principals to pray for guidance. Charles Martin Smith (The Untouchables), not seen often enough these days, has a brief but powerful part as the U.S. vice-president. —Tom Keogh

Cast of characters

  • Louis Gossett Jr. (Enemy Mine, Roots) … President Gerald Fitzhugh
  • Kirk Cameron (Fireproof, Left Behind: The Movie) … Buck Williams
  • Brad Johnson (Left Behind II: Tribulation Force) … Rayford Steele
  • Jessica Steen (Armageddon, Stargate SG-1) … Carolyn Miller
  • Gordon Currie (My Blue Heaven) … Nicolae Carpathia
  • Janaya Stephens (Death Race) … Chloe Steele
  • Chelsea Noble … Hattie Durham
  • Laura Catalano (The Santa Clause) … Amanda White
  • Arnold Pinnock … Bruce Barnes
  • Charles Martin Smith … Vice President John Mallory

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