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God’s Not Dead

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God's Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness (2014) starring Kevin Sorbo, Shane Harper
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God’s Not Dead: A Light in the Darkness (2014) starring Kevin Sorbo, Shane Harper

In God’s Not Dead, the first film of the franchise, a Christian student’s faith is challenged by an atheist professor. With his academic career and professional future on the line. With everyone telling him to let it go — will he? If not, why not?

Product Description 

The central conflict.  Will the Christian student submit to the atheist professor's intimidation? Or can he convince his classmates that God's not dead?
The central conflict. Will the Christian student submit to the atheist professor’s intimidation? Or can he convince his classmates that God’s not dead?

When an atheist Philosophy professor (Kevin Sorbo) plans to forego “dusty arguments” in his class, he insists the new students declare that “God is dead.” Unable to do this, Josh (Shane Harper) is challenged to defend his faith and prove to the class that God’s Not Dead. Against all odds, Josh stands up for his faith and takes on the challenge.

Cast of characters

Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) … Professor Radisson.

Kevin Sorbo as the vehemently atheist Professor Radisson

The professor, who’s convinced that God’s a myth. Since God didn’t answer his childhood prayer, and save his mother. And uses his position to bully and intimidate his students into the same belief. Until one young man won’t back down. The central conflict.

Shane HarperJosh Wheaton.

The young student, who believes in God, and has to decide whether to compromise his principles, or stand for Him. He does, and has three opportunities to convince the class that, literally, God’s not dead.

David A.R. WhiteReverend Dave.

The pastor whose car mysteriously refuses to start, on multiple occasions. Until …

Dean Cain (Meant To Be; Lois and Clark) … Marc Shelley.

Atheist businessman, Mina’s older brother, and Amy’s boyfriend. Who immediately breaks up with her once he knows she’s battling cancer.

Hadeel SittuAyisha.

A Muslim student, who secretly converts to Christianity. Her younger brother finds a Bible app on her phone, and rats her out to their father. Who beats her, and throws her out of their house.

Trisha LaFacheAmy.

Atheist blogger, who does an ambush interview on Willie and Korie Robertson. She doesn’t like the result. Then, she’s facing cancer, and reevaluates her beliefs. No atheists in foxholes, after all. And Marc breaks up with her, since he only wanted “good times”.

Cory OliverMina.

Radisson’s live-in girlfriend, who oddly enough is a Christian. He demeans and belittles her repeatedly, and after counseling with Reverend Dave, she leaves.

Benjamin A. OnyangoReverend Jude.

Visiting pastor, whom Reverend Dave is trying to drive somewhere else. But they keep having car trouble, keeping them at the university. It’s almost as though someone doesn’t want them to leave …

Cassidy GiffordKara.

Initially, Josh’s girlfriend, who wants him to sign Raddison’s declaration, or drop the class. She fears that a failing grade will impact their future together. When he refuses to give in to her pressure, she breaks up with him.

Secondary characters

  • Willie Robertson (Duck Dynasty) … Willie Robertson
  • Korie Robertson (Duck Dynasty) … Korie Robertson
  • Paul KwoMartin Yip. Martin’s a foreign exchange student and Josh’s best friend. Josh introduces him to Jesus.
  • Marco KhanMisrab. Ayisha’s father, who throws her out of the house when he learns she’s converted to Christ.
  • Jesse WangMartin’s Father
  • Lenore BanksMark & Mina’s Mother. A Christian, but suffering from dementia.
  • Russell Wolfe … Dr. Stevens
  • Alex AristidisFahid. The nosy young brother who gets Ayisha in trouble.
  • Michael Tait … Michael Tait
  • Jody Davis … Jody Davis
  • Jeff Frankenstein … Jeff Frankenstein
  • Duncan Phillips … Duncan Phillips

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