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Chicago That Toddlin’ Town [song lyrics]

Song lyrics to Chicago That Toddlin' Town (1922) written by Fred Fisher
Song lyrics to Chicago That Toddlin’ Town (1922) written by Fred Fisher Chicago was written by Fred Fisher, published in 1922. The original sheet music variously spelled the title “Todd’ling” or “Toddling.” The song has been recorded by many, but the best-known version is by Frank Sinatra.
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Max Rose

Max Rose (2013) starring Jerry Lewis, Claire Bloom Max Rose – Jerry Lewis’ final role as an elderly widower, who has to deal with both his loss, and his suspicions …
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All About Eve

All About Eve (1950) starring Bette Davis, Anne Baxter, George Sanders, Gary Merrill All About Eve: Fasten your seat belts for a bumpy ride. This is the story of an aging actress, undone by a young, ambitious fan. Sophisticated performances by Davis, Sanders and Baxter shine in this...
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Bandolero! starring Jimmy Stewart, Dean Martin, Raquel Welch, George Kennedy In Bandolero!, James Stewart and Dean Martin are brothers who kidnap Raquel Welch and head for Mexico, pursued by George Kennedy
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The Hideous Sun Demon

The Hideous Sun Demon (1958) starring Robert Clarke The Hideous Sun Demon. Can radiation devolve someone into a lizard man in sunlight? Will he then go on a murder spree? Do you really need to ask?
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Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women

Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women – despite it’s title, really isn’t that bad of a cheesy monster movie. It deals with a rescue mission to Venus, to rescue the first expedition there. Unlike the uninhabitable planet that they should expect, the astronauts discovers that it’s inhabited...
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That’s What I Like [song lyrics]

Song lyrics to That’s What I Like. Music by Jule Styne, Lyrics by Bob Hilliard. Sung by Dean Martin in Living It Up. In Living It Up, we first meet small town doctor Dean Martin, strumming on his guitar and singing a love ballad to a photograph of...
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Blondie’s Holiday

Blondie’s Holiday (1947) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake Normally, it’s Dagwood that causes the trouble. But in Blondie’s Holiday, it’s Blondie’s turn. She lets her pride cause the trouble. She lets her old high school friend Paul Madison think that Dagwood’s getting a $250/week raise — when it’s...
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