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Black Dragons (1942) starring Bela Lugosi, Clayton Moore, Joan Barclay

Black Dragons

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In Black Dragons, a group of businesssmen are sabotaging the war effort, for unknown reasons. Then Bela Lugosi’s character starts killing them, one by one! And FBI agent starts investigating …

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The Deadly Ray from Mars

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Flash Gordon – The Deadly Ray from Mars (1966) starring Buster Crabbe, Jean Rogers

In short, Flash Gordon – The Deadly Ray from Mars is the 1938 Universal serial “Flash Gordon’s Trip to Mars“, edited into a single movie that was released to TV. Having said that, if you’re a fan of the old time movie serials, you’ll have a blast. Emperor Ming of Mongo returns, as well as new additions like the magical Azura, Queen of Mars, the clay people she’s cursed, etc.

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Queen of Blood

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In Queen of Blood, Earth receives its’ first message from an interstellar civilization – but the alien ship crash lands on Mars.  They attempt an urgent rescue mission, with a stop at the moon base.  And there’s only one survivor.  A green-skinned female, with an … unusual appetite.

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If You Knew Susie

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Song lyrics to If You Knew Susie (1925) Music by Joseph Meyer, Lyrics by Buddy G. DeSylva

If you knew Susie, like I know Susie 
Oh! Oh! Oh! What a girl 
There’s none so classy 
As this fair lassie, 
Oh! Oh! Holy Moses, what a chassis 
We went riding, she didn’t balk 
Back from Yonkers 
I’m the one that had to walk 
If you knew Susie, Like I know Susie 
Oh! Oh! What a girl!

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The City of the Dead

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The City of the Dead – a young college student goes to an obscure village, to research a paper on Witchcraft in old New England – but finds what she wasn’t expecting. After her disappearance, her brother and fiancé come looking for her …

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The Pride of the Yankees

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The Pride of the Yankees starring Gary Cooper

Synopsis of The Pride of the Yankees

The Pride of the Yankees is the life of Yankee baseball great Lou Gehrig.  Known as the ‘Iron Horse’ from his childhood, through his baseball career, battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis to his final tribute where he declared that he was “the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”

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