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Dick Van Dyke Show: Complete First Season

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The Dick Van Dyke Show: Complete First Season
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The Dick Van Dyke Show: Complete First Season

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All 30 Episodes from the first season of one of TV’s greatest comedy series!

 Trip into the living room of pratfall-prone comedy writer Rob Petrie (Dick Van Dyke), tackling life in the suburbs and work in the big city, aided and agitated by his lovely wife Laura (Mary Tyler Moore). Adding to the fun are Rob’s wisecracking co-workers Sally (Rose Marie) and Buddy (Morey Amsterdam), long-suffering Mel Cooley (Richard Deacon) and hot-tempered boss Alan Brady (show creator Carl Reiner). Winner of 15 Emmy Awards, THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW is consistently ranked among the top TV comedies of all-time and renowned for its phenomenal cast and stellar writing.

The Dick Van Dyke Show: Complete First SeasonSeason One Episodes:

  • The Sick Boy and the Sitter
    • Rob Petrie (Dick Van Dyke) talks his wife Laura (Mary Tyler Moore) into leaving their sick son Richie (Larry Mathews) with a babysitter while they attend a party at the home of TV star Alan Brady (Carl Reiner). A nervous Laura repeatedly calls the babysitter to check on Richie.
  • The Meershatz Pipe
    • Rob is envious of Buddy receiving a meershatz pipe from Alan Brady.
  • Jealousy
    • Laura lets her jealousy get the best of her when Rob has to work late with a beautiful movie star.
  • Sally and the Lab Technician
    • Laura talks Rob into setting up his co-worker Sally Rogers with Laura’s lab technician cousin Thomas Edson.
  • Washington vs. the Bunny
    • While on a flight, Rob tells a fellow passenger (Jesse White) about how he had to choose between going to Washington as a talent scout for The Alan Brady Show and staying home to see Richie in the school play as “the main bunny.”
  • Oh How We Met the Night That We Danced
    • Rob and Laura tell Richie about the day they met, when they find Rob’s old Army boots in their closet.
  • The Unwelcome Houseguest
    • Buddy Sorrell talks Rob into taking care of Buddy’s dog Larry for the weekend. The hyperactive creature whimpers loudly all night, disturbing their sleep.
  • Harrison B. Harding of Camp Crowder, MO
    • Rob is visited by a man named Harrison B. Harding (Allan Melvin), who claims to be an old army buddy.
  • My Blonde-Haired Brunette
    • Laura resorts to dying her hair blonde when the romance in her marriage to Rob seems to be fading. Rob and his staff, puzzle at why Laura is sulking and weeping.
  • Forty-Four Tickets
    • Rob realizes he forgot to order forty-four tickets to The Alan Brady Show for the PTA, and is in a bind when the group all show up in the studio lobby.
  • To Tell or Not to Tell
    • Rob is at a loss when Mel Cooley hires Laura as a dancer on The Alan Brady Show.
  • Sally Is a Girl
    • On Laura’s advice, Rob stops treating Sally like one of the boys.
  • Empress Carlotta’s Necklace
    • Rob purchases a huge, hideous necklace for Laura from Mel’s cousin, but Laura can’t bring herself to tell Rob how much she hates it.
  • Buddy, Can You Spare a Job
    • Rob and Sally conspire to get Buddy back on The Alan Brady Show when his new job on another show falls through.
  • Who Owes Who What
    • Rob uses a comedy sketch to remind Buddy of an unpaid debt.
  • Sol and the Sponsor
    • Rob’s old Army buddy Sol (Marty Ingels) shows up just as the Petries are preparing to host an important sponsor for dinner. Gregarious, hyper and obnoxious, Sol insults the sponsor’s taste.
  • The Curious Thing About Women
    • Rob uses Laura’s habit of opening his mail as the basis for a sketch on The Alan Brady Show. Includes the show’s popular life raft scene.
  • Punch Thy Neighbor
    • Rob gets fighting mad when Jerry Helper keeps kidding about The Alan Brady Show being rotten.
  • Where Did I Come From?
    • Rob and Laura tell Richie about the day he was born, when he asks the inevitable question.
  • The Boarder Incident
    • Buddy stays with the Petries while his wife Pickles is out of town.
  • A Word a Day
    • Richie expands his vocabulary – to the point of saying a bad word.
  • The Talented Neighborhood
    • Rob has to put up with stage mothers and child prodigies when The Alan Brady Show announces its annual search for the most gifted youngster.
  • Father of the Week
    • Rob is named “Father of the Week” at Richie’s school, which, to Rob’s consternation, has Richie very upset.
  • The Twizzle
    • Sally brings the gang down to the bowling alley to experience the latest dance craze.
  • One Angry Man
    • Rob gets called for jury duty and finds himself doubting the attractive defendant’s guilt.
  • Where You Been, Fassbinder?
    • Sally gets her hopes up when an old friend comes to visit around her birthday.
  • The Bad Old Days
    • Rob starts to feel like he does too much housework when Buddy warns him about the decline of the American male.
  • I Am My Brother’s Keeper
    • Rob’s shy brother Stacey (Dick Van Dyke’s real-life brother, Jerry Van Dyke) comes for a visit, but he has a problem: he is a sleepwalker. (Part 1 of 2)
  • The Sleeping Brother
    • Since Stacey is such a great performer while he’s sleeping, Rob tries to get him an audition for The Alan Brady Show. (Part 2 of 2)
  • The Return of Happy Spangler
    • Rob hires his old mentor Happy Spangler to the writing staff of The Alan Brady Show, but Happy seems more interested in telling about his life.

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