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Rita Hayworth as Gilda, directed by Charles Vidor
Gilda (1946), starring Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, George Macready Synopsis of Gilda In Gilda, a beguiling femme fatale (Rita Hayworth) gets even with her bitter ex-boyfriend (Glenn Ford) by marrying his boss, a mysterious Buenos Aires casino owner. One of the great film noirs of the Forties.
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Blondie Knows Best

Blondie Knows Best, starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake
Blondie Knows Best (1946) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Jerome Cowan, Shemp Howard In Blondie Knows Best, Dagwood’s best intentions go wrong. He impersonates J. C. Dithers to save a valuable sale, but then has to keep going a little father …
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