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I'll Be Seeing You, starring Joseph Cotton and Ginger Rogers, with Shirley Temple

I’ll Be Seeing You

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I’ll Be Seeing You (1944) starring Joseph Cotten, Ginger Rogers, Shirley Temple


In short, I‘ll Be Seeing You is a wonderful film.  It’s set towards the end of World War II. A veteran (played very well by Joseph Cotten) is suffering from what we would now call PTSD.  He’s jumping at any sound, and thinks that he’s likely to be attacked at any moment. His doctors at the VA are letting him out from the psych ward …. In order to see how well he’s able to function in normal society. On his train ride, he meets a beautiful young lady (played very well by Ginger Rogers). She’s a lady who’s also out on furlough — from prison.

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Knock on Any Door (1949), starring Humphrey Bogart and John Derek

Knock on Any Door

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Knock on Any Door (1949) starring Humphrey Bogart, John Derek

I’m a large fan of Humphrey Bogart, and I fully expected to enjoy watching Knock on Any Door. But, unfortunately, I didn’t. It’s the story of an underprivileged young man, a product of the slums, who becomes bitter after his father’s death.

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