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Dorothy Provine

Who's Minding the Mint? (1967) starring Jim Hutton, Walter Brennan, Dorothy Provine

Who’s Minding The Mint?

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In Who’s Minding the Mint? an honest employee at the U.S. Mint accidentally destroys $50,000! But he has a simple plan to replace the money, with nobody the wiser. But anything that can go wrong will – hilariously!

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Never A Dull Moment, starring Dick van Dyke, Edward G. Robinson, Dorothy Provine - "A crack-up case of mistaken identity"

Never A Dull Moment

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Never A Dull Moment (1968), starring Dick Van Dyke, Edward G. Robinson, Dorothy Provine

Product description for Never a Dull Moment

 There’s magic in the memories as great Disney moments are captured right here for you and your family to enjoy. Welcome to the world of Jack Albany — New Yorker, struggling actor — and art thief? He isn’t really, but when a mobster kingpin with his eye on a priceless painting mistakes Albany for a famous West Coast gangster, Jack’s earnest attempts to set the record straight only escalate his involvement in a daring museum robbery. Dick Van Dyke, Edward G. Robinson, and Dorothy Provine head a cast of crooks, molls, heroes, and half-wits in this fast-paced, laugh-packed comedy thriller!

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