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Blondie Knows Best, starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake

Blondie Knows Best

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Blondie Knows Best (1946) starring Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Jerome Cowan, Shemp Howard

Buy from Amazon In Blondie Knows Best, Dagwood’s best intentions go wrong. He impersonates J. C. Dithers to save a valuable sale, but then has to keep going a little father …

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The Rogues Tavern (1936) starring Wallace Beery, Barbara Pepper

The Rogues Tavern [Wallace Ford]

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The Rogues Tavern (1936) starring Wallace Ford, Barbara Pepper

Wallace Ford and Joan Woodbury star in this classic dark tale of a spooky hotel, the Rogues Tavern. There’s a crazy killer on the loose. And the guests have to work out who or what it is before they’re next.

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