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The Fighting Sullivans (1944) starring Anne Baxter, Thomas Mitchell, Selena Royle

The Fighting Sullivans

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The Fighting Sullivans (1944) starring  Anne Baxter,  Thomas Mitchell,  Selena Royle

buy The Fighting Sullivans from  There are a great many positive things to say about  The Fighting Sullivans. It’s set against the backdrop of World War II. But at it’s heart it’s the story of a loving Irish Catholic family. As they raise five young boys and a daughter. Five very energetic, healthy, American boys, whose childhood the audience gets to share. As well as when they become young men, and volunteer for service in the Navy shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

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Mr. Skeffington, starring Bette Davis, Claude Rains

Mr. Skeffington

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Mr. Skeffington (1944), starring Bette Davis, Claude Rains

Product Description of Mr. Skeffington

buy Mr. Skeffington from  Bette Davis stars as a beautiful but vain society woman who, to pay her brother’s gambling debts, marries a financier she does not love — Mr. Skeffington. The marriage does not last, and the former Mrs. Skeffington flits from beau to beau casually leaving a trail of broken hearts. But when she contracts a near-fatal case of diphtheria, her beauty is destroyed by the terrible scars left by the disease. Now middle-aged, scarred and unable to win men’s hearts with her beauty, she finally finds love with the now-blind man she had wed years before–Mr. Skeffington

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Thirty Seconds over Tokyo DVD case, starring Van Johnson, Phyllis Thaxter, Spencer Tracy

Thirty Seconds over Tokyo

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Thirty Seconds over Tokyo (1944) starring Van Johnson, Phyllis Thaxter, Spencer Tracy, Robert Walker, Robert Mitchum

Buy Thirty Seconds over Tokyo from Van Johnson and his flight crew in Thirty Seconds over TokyoThe old adage says that you shouldn’t judge a book by its’ cover — and that goes for DVD cases as well. Judging from the DVD case, you would think that Thirty Seconds over Tokyo is starring Spencer Tracy — and you would be wrong. Spencer Tracy does appear, and he does a fine job portraying James Doolittle, the man behind the World War II raid on Tokyo. But the central character in this movie is pilot Ted Lawson. Van Johnson portrays him excellently. The movie breaks into three parts:

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I'll Be Seeing You, starring Joseph Cotton and Ginger Rogers, with Shirley Temple

I’ll Be Seeing You

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I’ll Be Seeing You (1944) starring Joseph Cotten, Ginger Rogers, Shirley Temple


In short, I‘ll Be Seeing You is a wonderful film.  It’s set towards the end of World War II. A veteran (played very well by Joseph Cotten) is suffering from what we would now call PTSD.  He’s jumping at any sound, and thinks that he’s likely to be attacked at any moment. His doctors at the VA are letting him out from the psych ward …. In order to see how well he’s able to function in normal society. On his train ride, he meets a beautiful young lady (played very well by Ginger Rogers). She’s a lady who’s also out on furlough — from prison.

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Mr. Winkle Goes to War

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Mr. Winkle Goes to War (1944) starring Edward  G. Robinson

review of an excellent patriotic war movie, Mr. Winkle Goes to War, where Edward G. Robinson gives a truly wonderful performance as the title character

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Cry of the Werewolf (1944)

Cry of the Werewolf [monster movie]

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Cry of the Werewolf (1944) starring Stephen Crane, Nina Foch

Cry of the Werewolf (1944)

Celeste, a Romany princess visits a paranormal museum where the curator Dr. Morris is writing the history of her werewolf mother, Marie LaTour. Shortly after her visit to the museum Dr. Morris is murdered. The police automatically suspect Elsa, his personal assistant. So the deceased Dr. Morris’s son Robert aka Bob, with Elsa’s help investigate what really happened to Dr. Morris.

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Between Two Worlds (1944), John Garfield, Paul Henreid, Sidney Greenstreet

Between Two Worlds

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Between Two Worlds (1944) starring John Garfield, Paul Henreid, Sidney Greenstreet

Imagine a movie about eight people, seemingly chosen at random, riding on a cruise ship, heading to an unknown destination.   It’s a movie about the interaction between these seeming strangers, and what happens as they near their destination — and it’s absolutely riveting.

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The Trolley Song - sung by Judy Garland in Meet Me in St. Louis

Song lyrics to The Trolley Song

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The Trolley Song lyrics

The Trolley Song was written by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane and made famous by Judy Garland in the 1944 film musical Meet Me in St. Louis. The song was inspired by a picture of a trolley car in a children’s picture book. The Trolley Song was nominated for the Best Song Oscar at the 1945 Academy awards, but lost to Swinging on a Star from Going My Way. The Trolley Song was ranked #26 by the American Film Institute in 2004 on the 100 Years … 100 Songs  list. It has been recorded by Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra and many others.   The song was a giant single for the Pied Pipers, at the time outselling Judy Garland’s single.

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Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) starring Judy Garland, Margaret O’Brien, Mary Astor

Meet Me in St. Louis

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DVD review of Meet Me in St. Louis – starring Judy Garland, directed by Vincent Minelli – one of the best musicals of the 20th Century

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