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The Doll Shop lyrics


The Doll Shop lyrics, music and lyrics by Roger Edens, Sung by George Murphy, Lucille Norman, Judy Garland in For Me and My Gal

Lily (Lucille Norman):
This doll shoppe is my joy and pride.
That is no folderol.
The people come far and wide to buy my pretty doll.
I have girl doll, boy doll, wonderful mechanical toy doll.
Dancing doll, prancing doll….[doorbell rings] ….Bonjour, Monsieur.
Dites-moi que voulez-vous.

Jimmy (George Murphy):
La Belle, Mademoiselle. I want one thing of you.
You see, I , I want a beautiful doll, a great big beautiful doll.
I want a doll that I can find romance with,
a doll that I can sing and dance with.
And if you have such a doll, such a won-won-wonderful doll you may wrap it up,
and I will pay in cash, but wrap it carefully so that it won’t smash.
Oh me, show me a great big beautiful doll.

Lily (Lucille Norman):
The first doll I will show to you will knock you for the loopey!
She is the latest style, ’tis true, my extra special kewpee.

Jimmy (George Murphy): Those yahka-hicki hula dolls are really much to faddy.

Lily (Lucille Norman): Monsieur, I have but one more left, that’s a doll that cries out, “Daddy!”

Jimmy (George Murphy):
[spoken] Daddy??

Jo (Judy Garland):
Daddy….don’t leave me, daddy.
Won’t you tell me why you’re leaving?
When you’re near me, dearie, life to me is cheery.
Oh, oh what a feeling.
Think what you’re missing, lots of hugging and some kissing.
I don’t care how mean you are to me, Daddy, dontcha leave me now.


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