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I’d Do Anything lyrics


I’d Do Anything song lyrics from Oliver!

I’d Do Anything is part of Act One of Oliver!, sung in Fagin’s lair. It begins with dialog between Nancy and the Artful Dodger, leading into the song. Other characters who have lines in the song are Oliver, Fagin and Bette (Nancy’s best friend in the 1968 film), with Fagin’s Boys as the chorus.

Nancy (spoken formally): So, how’s it go then Dodger? It’s all “bowin'” and “‘hats off”…
Oliver (spoken formally): And “Don’t let your petticoats go dangling in the mud, my darling.”
Nancy (spoken formally): Oh, “And I’ll go last.”
Oliver (spoken formally): No, I’ll go last.
Nancy (spoken formally): If you insist.
Oliver (normal singing): I’ll do anything
For you dear anything
For you mean everything to me.
I know that
I’ll go anywhere
For your smile, anywhere —
For your smile, ev’rywhere —
I’d see.
Nancy: Would you climb a hill?
Oliver: Anything!
Nancy: Wear a daffodil?
Oliver: Anything!
Nancy: Leave me all your will?
Oliver: Anything!
Nancy: Even fight my Bill?
Oliver: What? Fisticuffs?
I’d risk everything
For one kiss — everything
Yes, I’d do anything…
Nancy: Anything?!
Oliver: Anything for you!!
Nancy: (spoken) ‘Ere now, Oliver, you just copy Dodger
and I’ll help you out with the words, alright? So it’s
“I’ll do anything”
Oliver: (sung) I’ll do anything
Nancy: (spoken) For you dear
Oliver: (sung) For you dear, anything
Nancy: (spoken) For you mean
Oliver: (sung) For you mean everything to me
Nancy: (spoken) Ah, that’s lovely.
Oliver: I know that
I’d go anywhere
For your smile, anywhere —
For your smile, everywhere
I’d see
Bet: Would you lace my shoe?
Oliver: Anything!
Oliver: Paint your face bright blue?
Oliver: Anything!
Oliver: Catch a kangaroo?
Oliver: Anything!
Go to Timbuktu?
Oliver: And back again!
I’d risk ev’rything
For one kiss — everything —
Yes, I’d do anything
Nancy: Anything?!
Oliver: Anything for you!!
Oliver: (spoken) Dance, Nancy.
Nancy: (spoken) Oh, alright, Dodge. C’mon boys!
Fagin: Would you rob a shop?
All: Anything!
Fagin: Would you risk the drop?
All: Anything!
Fagin: Tho’ your eyes go, ‘pop’
All: Anything!
Fagin: When you come down ‘plop’
All: Hang ev’rything!
We’d risk life and limb
To keep you in the swim
Yes, we’d do anything…
Fagin: Anything?!
All: Anything for you.


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