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Movie quotes from Scarlet Street

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Scarlet Street, starring Edgar G. Robinson, directed by Fritz Lang
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Movie quotes from Scarlet Street, a classic film noire starring Edward G. Robinson, Dan Duryea, Joan Bennett

[first lines]
Bank Employees: [singing] For he’s a jolly good fellow. For he’s a jolly good fellow. For he’s a jolly good fellow … which nobody can deny, which nobody can deny, which nobody can deny, which nobody can deny.
[repeat chorus]

Johnny Prince (Dan Duryea): Can’t you get those Lazy Legs off that couch, baby?

Johnny Prince (Dan Duryea): And then you gave me a dirty look.
Kitty March (Joan Bennett): I didn’t give you a dirty look!
Johnny Prince (Dan Duryea): Listen, any girl that waits two hours in the rain for a guy is gonna give him a dirty look.

Kitty March (Joan Bennett): Who do you think you are? My guardian angel?
Millie Ray: Not me, honey. I lost those wings a long time ago.

Adele Cross: Next thing you’ll be painting women without clothes.
Christopher Cross (Edward G. Robinson): I never saw a woman without any clothes.
Adele Cross: I should hope not!

Kitty March (Joan Bennett): If he were mean or vicious or if he’d bawl me out or something, I’d like him better.

Johnny Prince (Dan Duryea): Lazy Legs, [kisses her] I don’t know what you told Janeway, but you got him eatin’ right out of your hand.
Kitty March (Joan Bennett): It won’t stop with lunch!

Kitty March (Joan Bennett): Well, I was going to do this myself, but, uh …
[hands him toenail polish]
Kitty March (Joan Bennett): Paint me, Chris! — They’ll be masterpieces.

Kitty March (Joan Bennett): How can a man be so dumb … I’ve been waiting to laugh in your face ever since I met you. You’re old and ugly and I’m sick of you — sick, sick, sick!

Reporter on Train: [referring to being executed] I’d rather have a judge give me the works than to have to do it to myself.

Christopher Cross (Edward G. Robinson): Hey, did you read this?
Adele Cross: Read what?
Christopher Cross (Edward G. Robinson): This murder in Queens. A man killed his wife with the window weight, put her body in the trunk, shipped her to California. It says here …
Adele Cross: I’ve read the paper, thank you. He didn’t get away with it, did he? He’ll go to the chair, as he should.
Christopher Cross (Edward G. Robinson): Yeah, a man hasn’t got a chance with these New York detectives.

[last lines]
Kitty March (Joan Bennett): Johnny. Oh, Johnny.
Johnny Prince (Dan Duryea): Crazy Legs.
Kitty March (Joan Bennett): Jeepers, I love you Johnny.

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