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The Amazing Mr. Williams

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The Amazing Mr. Williams (1939) starring Melvyn Douglas, Joan Blondell
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The Amazing Mr. Williams is a very different, very good detective film, with ongoing romantic complications. Which does he love more – his fiancé or his work as a homicide detective?

The Amazing Mr. Williams (1939) starring Melvyn Douglas, Joan Blondell

Maxine Carroll: I think I’ll wear my pink dress tonight. The one with the full skirt.
Effie Perkins: Don’t put it on until you see the whites of his eyes.
Maxine Carroll: What?
Effie Perkins: Every time Kenny sends you roses, you end up all dressed up, made up and stood up.

And that’s the central conflict of The Amazing Mr. Williams. he’s truly in love with Maxine, and wants to marry her. But he’s already “married” to his job as a homicide detective.

And there’s a lot of conflict – some comedic, some serious – along the way. For example, Maxine arranges for Kenny — already in the doghouse — to be the ‘target’ of a criminal targeting women. In drag, of course. But it turns to drama when she’s almost the next victim.

Joan Blondell puts on the detective hat towards the end of "The Amazing Mr. Williams"

And then, he’s finally had enough, and leaves the force. But, he’s miserable, and the smart detective is quick to “point out” what his former colleagues are overlooking …. And quickly finds himself back at it.

Police Captain McGovern: You see, I don’t think you’re good enough for him. The woman that marries that man has got to take him for what he is – a good cop! Not what she wants him to be.

Cast of characters

Cast of characters in "The Amazing Mr. Williams"

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