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How to Murder Your Wife

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How to Murder Your Wife (1965) starring Jack Lemmon, Terry-Thomas, Virna Lisi
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How to Murder Your Wife (1965) starring Jack Lemmon, Terry-Thomas, Virna Lisi

In How to Murder Your Wife, professional cartoonist and confirmed bachelor finds himself married to an Italian bombshell after a wild party! How to get back to his single, carefree life? Despite the title, it’s a funny and sweet comedy.

Good God. Doesn’t speak English? And yet, on the other hand, if one will go around marrying persons who pop out of cakes, it’s bound to be, well, rather catch as catch can, isn’t it, sir? 

Charles Firbank (Terry-Thomas)

Review of How to Murder Your Wife

And that’s the starting point of How to Murder Your Wife. After setting the stage, that Jack Lemmon’s a perfectly happy confirmed bachelor. With the gushing approval of his gentleman’s gentleman, Terry-Thomas. But the successful, self-centered cartoonist gets married while drunken at a party.

How can he be rid of his new wife? He plays in his head with various ideas …. But then he “grows accustomed to her face” — apologies to My Fair Lady.

Product Description

He had what every man wanted’then she came along! Legendary funnyman Jack Lemmon stars in this “hilarious farce of almost unremitting fun” (The Hollywood Reporter) with the “breathtakingly beautiful” (LA Herald-Examiner) Virna Lisi. Bachelorhood is bliss for cartoonist Stanley Ford (Lemmon)complete with an English butler (Terry-Thomas), delectable dames and extra-dry martinis. But when he attends a bachelor party and meets an Italian beauty (Lisi) who pops out of a cake, his fate is sealed. The next morning, he discovers he’s married to her even though she can barely speak English … Afnd now the consummate bachelor will go to any lengths to untie the knot!

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