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Dear Brigitte (1965) starring James Stewart, Glynis Johns, Billy Mumy, Fabian, Ed Wynn, Jesse White

Dear Brigitte

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Dear Brigitte (1965) starring Jimmy Stewart, Glynis Johns, Billy Mumy, Fabian, Ed Wynn, Jesse White

Dear Brigitte is a funny family comedy, dealing with the Leaf family, headed by Dr. Robert Leaf (Jimmy Stewart).  He’s the proverbial absent-minded professor, a poet who loves art and music, and dislikes the hard sciences.  When his young son Erasmus (Billy Mumy) turns out to be a mathematical prodigy, it causes him no end of consternation.  Vina Leaf (Glynis Johns)  plays the loving mother.  Cindy Carol plays the older sister (who uses her brother’s math skills to do her homework.  And later the homework of her boyfriend, Fabian, which leads to people wanting to use him to win at the race track.

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The Family Jewels

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The Family Jewels (1965) starring Jerry Lewis

buy The Family Jewels from  The Family Jewels is actually one of my favorite Jerry Lewis films.   The basic plot is, a young rich girl, Donna, is orphaned.  The family chauffeur  Willard (played by Jerry Lewis) has looked after her all her life. While protecting her, she has to visit six of her seven uncles. In order to choose which uncle she wants to become her legal guardian.

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Way ... Way Out (1966) starring Jerry Lewis, Connie Stevens, Dick Shawn, Anita Ekberg

Way … Way Out

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Way … Way Out (1966) starring Jerry Lewis, Connie Stevens,  Dick Shawn,  Anita Ekberg

Synopsis of Way… Way Out

Way … Way Out is set in the “far future” of 1986 (!), there’s a problem with the American lunar base — the men stationed there for long-term missions are going stir-crazy from lack of … female companionship.   The American government decides to solve the problem by sending up a married American team in their place — but the only astronaut qualified is Pete Mattemore (Jerry Lewis), who is still single.

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The Big Mouth (1967) starring Jerry Lewis, Del Moore, Charlie Callas

The Big Mouth

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The Big Mouth (1967) starring Jerry Lewis, Del Moore, Charlie Callas

Synopsis of The Big Mouth, starring Jerry Lewis

In The Big Mouth, Jerry Lewis plays the role of Gerald Clamson. He’s a bank examiner on vacation who, while fishing, catches a frogman.  The frogman, who coincidentally is the spitting image of Jerry Lewis, has stolen diamonds from his criminal gang, and hidden them at a nearby resort hotel.Clamson takes the map to the diamonds given him by the frogman, and makes his escape while the gangsters attack.   At the hotel, Jerry Lewis accidentally injures the hotel manager, played by Del Moore. So Jerry Lewis disguises himself as the title character from The Nutty Professor in order to investigate the mystery at the hotel.   At this point, there are three different subplots running together:

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The Bellboy(1960), starring Jerry Lewis

The Bellboy

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The Bellboy(1960), starring Jerry Lewis

buy The Bellboy from  You’ve heard the phrase, laugh out loud funny?   Jerry Lewis — €˜ The Bellboy is, literally, laugh out loud funny.   How do I know?   I’ve just watched it on AMC …  And I laughed so loud, so often, that my wife was afraid that I would annoy the neighbors.  

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Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River (1968) starring Jerry Lewis, Jacqueline Pearce, Terry-Thomas

Don’t Raise the Bridge, Lower the River

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Don’t Raise the Bridge, Lower the River (1968) starring Jerry Lewis, Jacqueline Pearce, Terry-Thomas

Don’t Raise the Bridge, Lower the River is a Jerry Lewis film, based on the book of the same name.   Oddly, Jerry Lewis is cast playing the part of the straight man in the movie. He plays George Lester, an American who goes from one get-rich-quick scheme to another. Much to the distress of his suffering wife Pamela, played by the lovely Jacqueline Pearce.   After three years of being dragged across the globe, she has had enough of his constant neglect of her. And she sues for divorce.   While she leaves the country as part of dealing with her emotions, George decides to ‘renovate’ her ancestral home. It’s a stately English manor, that he turns into a 1960’s style discotheque and Chinese restaurant.   When Pamela eventually returns home, she is aghast.  And George thought to regain her affections by proving that he can make money by staying in England.

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Hook, Line and Sinker [Jerry Lewis]

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Hook, Line and Sinker (1969) starring Jerry Lewis, Anne Francis, Peter Lawford

Synopsis of Hook, Line and Sinker

In  Hook, Line and Sinker,  Jerry Lewis plays the part of Peter Ingersoll. He’s an unhappy insurance salesman who’s living the American Dream. Only to be so caught up in the rat race that he’s unable to enjoy any part of his life.   His normal existence is interrupted, however, when his doctor (played by Peter Lawford) and best friend diagnoses him with a weak heart, and gives him the news that he only has a few months to live.

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Three on a Couch (1966) starring Jerry Lewis, Janet Leigh, James Best

Three on a Couch

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Three on a Couch (1966) starring Jerry Lewis, Janet Leigh,  James Best

Three on a Couch is a Jerry Lewis comedy that’s both funny and charming.   The basic plot is that Jerry Lewis’ character, Christopher Pride, is an artist who has won a prestigious French art contest, winning a large monetary prize, as well as the opportunity to live in Paris, France for a year.   He intends to take his fiancee, Dr. Elizabeth Acord (played by Janet Leigh) along so that they can be married.   But there’s a problem.

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The Nutty Professor

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The Nutty Professor (1963) starring Jerry Lewis, Stella Stevens

buy Jerry Lewis' The Nutty Professor from  The Nutty Professor is Jerry Lewis‘ most famous film, and with good reason.   Unlike many of his comedies, this is more than a thin plot for him to hang slapstick on.   The character of Dr. Julius Kelp is well-rounded and sympathetic. He’s also the traditional klutz that Jerry Lewis portrays so well.   The ultimate nerd, he’s physically humiliated in front of his class.  So, he tries several (very funny) attempts at building himself up, only to fail miserably.   Kelp then turns to his knowledge of science to create a formula to turn himself into the macho he-man that he dreams of being.  All in hopes of earning the affections of Stella Purdy (played very well by Stella Stevens).   The potion works all too well, releasing the suave, self-confident, arrogant and conceited Buddy Love.

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I Married a Witch, starring Frederic March, Veronica Lake, Cedric Kellaway

I Married a Witch

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I Married a Witch (1942) starring Fredric March, Veronica Lake, Susan Hayward, Cecil Kellaway

buy-from-amazon I Married a Witch is a screwball comedy with a magical twist. The men in the Woolsey family are cursed — to marry the wrong woman.  Ever since a pilgrim ancestor was instrumental in burning a father and daughter witch at the stake.  Their evil spirits have been captured in a tree ever since. Until a lightning bolt strikes the tree, and frees them, and they decide to have their revenge on the last of the Woolseys …  But something goes wrong!

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