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The Mysterious Island 1929

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The Mysterious Island 1929 starring Lionel Barrymore, Jacqueline Gadsdon
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The Mysterious Island 1929 starring Lionel Barrymore, Jacqueline Gadsdon

The Mysterious Island 1929 – idealistic scientist Count Dakkar wants to explore the undersea kingdom, but is betrayed by Baron Falon! His sister kidnapped, his workers captured, killed, or tortured … How can he free them?

First of all, it has to be said that The Mysterious Island 1929 has very little to do with Jules Verne’s novel. Having said that, is it a good movie? Somewhat. The performances are good, the sets and costuming is fine. The basic story is that Andre, a brilliant scientist, is building a submarine for deep sea exploration. Why? Because he’s seen fossils floating up to his island from the depths, of a strange, humanoid undersea race. And eventually, he succeeds. But first …

The antagonist to the story is Baron Falon, a long-time friend of Andre’s. And a militaristic opportunist, whose troops looks oddly like Russian cossacks. And he pretends to continue to be his friend, even while planning a full scale invasion of the island. Which leads to multiple deaths, torture, etc. However, the first submarine has made its initial voyage, and Falon pursues in the second.

When they actually get to the undersea kingdom, they do indeed find the fish people. Who have a pair of monsters to contend with, one of which looks like an iguana with a horn glued to its nose. And the other’s a giant squid.

Eventually good triumphs, but Andre’s mortally wounded, and he sets off in the submarine as a mobile, undersea tomb. Supposedly, he eventually recovers and becomes Captain Nemo. Ignoring that, for a 1929 movie, it’s an enjoyable monster movie that shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Product Description 

Loosely adapted from the Jules Verne novel, this 1929 state-of-the-art cinema spectacle uses sound sequences, special effects and breathtaking cinematography to make the fantastic feasible. Hidden from prying human eyes, brilliant scientist Count Dakkar (Lionel Barrymore) has built a futuristic underground city and filled it with advanced devices with which he hopes to enforce world peace from his redoubt on a mysterious island. But Falon (Montagu Love), a trusted friend of the Count’s, takes control of the island and its arsenal and plots to conquer the Earth. Now it’s up to the heroic efforts of the Count, Nicolai Roget (Lloyd Hughes) and their allies — an underwater species that is part-man, part fish — to foil the nefarious Falon.

Cast of characters

  • Lionel Barrymore (The Devil-Doll; On Borrowed Time) … Count Andre Dakkar. The idealistic scientist, who wants only to be left alone on his island. He’s planning to explore the bottom of the sea, where he’s convinced an alternate civilization has developed, evolved from fish life.
  • Jacqueline Gadsdon (West of Zanzibar) … Countess Sonia Dakkar (as Jane Daly). Andre’s sister, both lovely and intelligent. She’s in love with Nikolai, but Falon feels that a “commoner” isn’t good enough for her.
  • Lloyd HughesNikolai Roget. Andre’s right-hand man, who knows as much about the new submarines as he does. He’s shy, but falls in love with Sonia. And to prove himself, he takes the first submarine on it’s first test dive. And Falon’s forces attack immediately afterward.
  • Montagu Love (All This and Heaven Too; The Mark of Zorro) … Baron Falon. Initially Andre’s friend, who invades his island to seize the submarine for military purposes. And he kills a lot of technicians in the attack, tortures Teresa, and later tortures both Andre and Sonia.
  • Harry Gribbon … Mikhail
  • Snitz Edwards (Battling Butler; The Public Enemy) … Anton
  • Gibson Gowland … Dmitry
  • Dolores Brinkman … Teresa

Additional Cast

  • Edward Connelly (The Saphead) … Radio Technician (uncredited)
  • Robert Dudley … Workman (uncredited)
  • Sydney Jarvis … Cossack (uncredited)
  • Bob Kortman (The Whispering Shadow) … Island Stronghold Guard (uncredited)
  • Robert McKim … Captain of the Guard (uncredited)
  • Angelo Rossitto (Scared to Death; The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm) … Underwater Creature (uncredited)
  • Carl ‘Major’ Roup … Underwater Creature (uncredited)
  • Sam Savitsky … Crewman (uncredited)
  • Billy Schuler … Undetermined Secondary Role (uncredited)
  • Evelyn Selbie … Faithful Servant (uncredited)
  • Jack Stoutenburg … Undetermined Secondary Role (uncredited)
  • Harry Tenbrook … Radio Technician (uncredited)

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