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The Carol Burnett Show Season 5

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The Carol Burnett Show season 5
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The Carol Burnett Show season 5 continues the funny, fast-paced variety show. One of the funniest seasons, with a huge roster of guest stars.

S5 E1 – The Carol Burnett Show: Jim Nabors

Jim Nabors is Carol’s guest for the fifth season opener! Jim plays a chaperone who throws cold water on a romantic cruise. And Carol and Harvey are majestic in a King Henry VIII sketch. Originally aired September 14, 1971

S5 E2 – The Carol Burnett Show: Tim Conway

Tim Conway guest stars and helps Carol do some home renovations. Then Tim and Harvey play two doctors who are ready to operate, sort of. Then there is an episode of “Tearjerker Theater”. Originally aired September 22, 1971

S5 E2 – The Carol Burnett Show: S5 E2 – Carol Channing, Steve Lawrence

As the Stomach Turns - Carol Burnett, Carol Channing

Carol’s guests are Carol Channing and Steve Lawrence in this episode, which features the latest “As The Stomach Turns”, and a “Carol & Sis” with Roger and Carol finding themselves in a nudist colony. Originally aired October 5, 1971

S5 E3 – The Carol Burnett Show: Carol Channing, Steve Lawrence

Carol Burnett and Steve Lawrence in a hilarious spoof of "The African Queen" in The Carol Burnett Show season 5

Steve Lawrence and Carol Channing join Carol, Harvey, Vicki, and Lyle for a blockbuster tribute to the Academy Awards, with songs and sketches paying homage to great films and filmmakers. Originally aired October 5, 1971.

S5 E4 – The Carol Burnett Show: Ken Berry

Carol Burnett and Ken Berry in a spoof of Sonia Henie movies in The Carol Burnett Show season 5

Ken Berry is tonight’s guest, taking part in a spoof of the films of figure skating actress Sonja Henie: “Love In An Avalanche,” which makes way for a more tropically based production number. Originally aired October 12, 1971

S5 E5 – The Carol Burnett Show: Ken Berry, Cass Elliot

Guests Mama Cass Elliot and Ken Berry offer up some musical numbers and a series of commercial parodies. Also, Zelda’s TV-time interruptions lead to George imagining himself in a Western movie. Originally aired November 9, 1971

S5 E6 – The Carol Burnett Show: S5 E6 – Dom Deluise

Carol Burnett as an accident-prone secretary hired by Dom DeLuise to help inventory his priceless antiques!

The one-of-a-kind Dom DeLuise is Carol’s guest for a night of sketches. The photo deals with an accident-prone Carol, hired by Dom to help inventory his priceless antiques! Other sketches include a murder investigation invaded by the irrepressible Fireside Girl Alice Portnoy, and a tempestuous “Carol & Sis.” Originally aired October 19, 1971.

S5 E7 – The Carol Burnett Show: Tim Conway

Tim Conway and Carol Burnett bump into each other while shopping for waterbeds

Tim Conway is back! Tim steals Carol’s heart in a sketch about two shoppers browsing waterbeds, steals the scene as an extra in a movie, and steals a mint as the world’s oldest safecracker. Originally aired October 26, 1971.

S5 E8 – The Carol Burnett Show: Tim Conway, Diahann Carroll

Harvey Korman and Tim Conway as swingers out on the town

Carol’s guests are Diahann Carroll and Tim Conway for an episode that features two pairs of singles out on the town, and an Insomnia Theatre presentation of the romance movie “Arrivaderci Summertime.” Originally aired October 26, 1971

S5 E9 – The Carol Burnett Show: Bing Crosby, Paul Lynde

Carol Burnett and Bing Crosby in "As the Stomach Turns"

Guest stars Bing Crosby and Paul Lynde take a trip to Canoga Falls in tonight’s “As The Stomach Turns.” And on “The Old Folks”, Lynde joins the elderly duo to celebrate Veteran’s Day. Originally aired November 2, 1971.

S5 E10 – The Carol Burnett Show: Bernadette Peters, Cass Elliot

Harvey Korman and Cass Elliot in "How the Stomach Turns" - The Carol Burnett Show season 5

Bernadette Peters and Cass Elliot guest star in the latest “As The Stomach Turns”, and Lyle causes havoc and absurdity on a live television production as a drunken sound effects operator. Originally aired November 9, 1971.

S5 E11 – The Carol Burnett Show: Mel Torme, Nanette Fabray

Mel Torme, Harvey Korman, and Carol Burnett in "43rd Street"

Nanette Fabray and Mel Torme lend their star power to a show-biz spectacle: the Broadway-bound movie spoof, “43rd Street.” Originally aired November 16, 1971

S5 E12 – The Carol Burnett Show: Eydie Gorme, Shecky Greene

Shecky Greene and Carol in The Carol Burnett Show season 5

Guests Shecky Greene and Eydie Gorme join Harvey and Carol for a rundown of some of the other television programs on the air. Also: “Carol & Sis” and the flop detective show “Ironstreet & Wife.” Originally aired November 23, 1971

S5 E13 – The Carol Burnett Show: Tim Conway, Cass Elliot

Harvey Korman and Carol Burnett in a bookstore in The Carol Burnett Show season 5

Cass Elliot and Tim Conway guest star! Mama Cass and Carol browse some intimate literature at a book shop, and Tim is an odd substitute for Marlon Brando in a community theatre-themed “Carol & Sis.” Originally aired November 30, 1971

S5 E14 – The Carol Burnett Show: Andy Griffith, Barbara Mcnair

Carol Burnett and Coach Andy Griffith in The Carol Burnett Show season 5

Andy Griffith and Barbara McNair join Carol and the gang tonight! Sketches include a football coach who can’t help but bring his work home with him, and a production number about Smokey The Bear. Originally aired December 7, 1971

S5 E15 – The Carol Burnett Show: Ken Berry

Bullseye, Ken Berry, Carol Burnett in "The Saga Of Lily And Billy."

Carol’s guest tonight is the lovable Ken Berry, who stars with Carol as unsuccessful Western movie stars in “The Saga Of Lily And Billy.” Also: Dick Cavett crashes Carol’s Q&A session. Originally aired December 14, 1971

S5 E16 – The Carol Burnett Show: Steve Lawrence, Dick Martin

Max! Steve Lawrence and Harvey Korman in the spoof of "Sunset Boulevard"

Tonight’s guest stars are ready for their close-up! Dick Martin is the town gigolo on “As The Stomach Turns”, and an eye-popping spoof of “Sunset Boulevard” casts Steve in the William Holden role. Originally aired December 28, 1971.

S5 E17 – The Carol Burnett Show: Paul Lynde, Peggy Lee

Paul Lynde and Carol Burnett in a spoof of "The Seventh Veil" in The Carol Burnett Show season 5

Paul Lynde and Peggy Lee are tonight’s guests! Paul, Carol and Harvey do a spoof of “The Seventh Veil“. Along with the usual songs and sketches is an improv comedy performance–and among the performers is a pre-M*A*S*H William Christopher (Father Mulcahy). Originally aired January 4, 1972

S5 E18 – The Carol Burnett Show: Tim Conway, Ray Charles

Carol Burnett and Tim Conway in The Carol Burnett Show season 5

A performance by the great Ray Charles is a highlight of this episode, which also features guest Tim Conway up to his usual tricks, including a sketch with Harvey where they play billboard hangers. Originally aired January 25, 1972

S5 E19 – The Carol Burnett Show: Tim Conway

Tim Conway guests for the movie spoof “Sinful Woman”, a presentation of the Lyle-hosted Tearjerker Theatre, taken from their library of “creaky film classics.” Originally aired January 25, 1972

S5 E20 – The Carol Burnett Show: S5 E20 – Eydie Gorme, Vincent Price

Vincent Price and Carol Burnett in a mirror movie spoof in The Carol Burnett Show season 5

Vincent Price and Eydie Gorme are Carol’s guests. Sketches include an outrageous encounter on an elevator, and the horror movie spoof “House Of Terror”, with Price playing off of his screen persona. Originally aired February 8, 1972

S5 E21 – The Carol Burnett Show: Kaye Ballard, Steve Lawrence

Carol Burnett and Steve Lawrence in "Operation Minestrone" - The Carol Burnett Show season 5

Kaye Ballard and Steve Lawrence stop by for another round of laughter and fun! Tonight: the WWII movie spoof “Operation Minestrone” and the continuing saga of “As The Stomach Turns.” Originally aired February 15, 1972

S5 E22 – The Carol Burnett Show: Nanette Fabray, Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds and Carol Burnett in the hilarious "Lavender Pimpernel" sketch - The Carol Burnett Show season 5

Carol’s guests tonight are Burt Reynolds and Nanette Fabray, who join the gang for a series of Carol’s patented commercial parodies, and the late night adventure movie “The Lavender Pimpernel.” Which is absolutely hilarious! Harvey Korman as the elitist, snobbish, effeminate nobleman about to marry Carol. But his foppish right-hand man is secretly … The Scarlet Pimpernel! Whose only disguise is a small mole, that he occasionally puts in the wrong place! Originally aired February 22, 1972

S5 E23 – The Carol Burnett Show:Tim Conway

Guest Tim Conway proves that he and Harvey are one of the great comedy duos in a sketch where two mismatched policemen go undercover as a couple on a date. Also: a poker game on “Carol & Sis.” Originally aired February 29, 1972

S5 E24 – The Carol Burnett Show: S5 E24 – Tim Conway, Eydie Gorme

Carol Burnett and Tim Conway in the hilarious James Bond spoof, "Dr Nose" - The Carol Burnett Show season 5

Eydie Gorme and Tim Conway guest, with Tim in a spy spoof that’s comedy double-0 heaven: “Dr. Nose.” Elsewhere, Eydie leads a production number about a newborn baby (with Carol as his jealous sister.). Originally aired February 29, 1972.

S5 E25 – The Carol Burnett Show: Jack Klugman, Tony Randall

Carol Burnett and Jack Klugman in The Carol Burnett Show season 5

TV’s “The Odd Couple”–Jack Klugman and Tony Randall–guest star! Jack sings (!) with Carol, while Tony takes part in a sketch revealing superstitions among actors as part of a tribute to Broadway. Originally aired March 7, 1972.

S5 E26 – The Carol Burnett Show:Paul Lynde

Harvey Korman, Paul Lynde, Carol Burnett in The Carol Burnett Show season 5

Paul Lynde guests as a smarmy real estate man hooking Harvey and Carol into buying a new home. Also tonight: The 10th Avenue Family and a musical performance from Carol’s Charwoman character. Originally aired March 21, 1972.

S5 E27 – The Carol Burnett Show: S5 E27 – Family Show

The season-ending “Family Show” features the best variety show ensemble on television with the epic showbiz extravaganza “The Doily Sisters,” about a pair of Vaudeville performers sisters, and their ongoing romantic triangle with Harvey Korman — “Hey, Mr. Moon …”. Originally aired March 28, 1972.

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