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Shoot A Crooked Arrow – Batman season 2

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Shoot A Crooked Arrow - Batman season 2
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Shoot a Crooked Arrow – The Archer (Art Carney) decides to rob from the rich, give to the poor, and pilfer Batman’s Gotham City!

Shoot A Crooked Arrow / Walk The Straight And Narrow – Batman season 2

Archer and his gang have come to Gotham City, winning the public’s favor with their Robin Hood style deeds of stealing from the rich to give to the poor.

The Archer: Now heed this: I’m gonna rob from the rich and give to the poor.
Batman: How unoriginal!

Narrator: [During bat-fight] Zap-eth! Thwacke! !ox?-eth! Wham-eth! Clunk-eth! Thwape!


  • Alfred doing a duel with The Archer as a distraction. The traditional “split an arrow” routine is exaggerated to the point of hilarity!
  • Poor Alfred gets put in a guillotine! But it’s a stage magician’s prop … which Batman knew all the time, of course.
  • It’s hilarious that nobody suspects that money man Allen A. Dale Dale could possibly be involved with the criminal gang.
  • Maid Marilyn drives the “Trojan Hearse” truck from the horse-riding villains to disappear into.


  • Although there’s an obscure DC Comics villain named The Archer, he has nothing to do with this character.
  • Oddly, despite Art Carney’s history of comedy, The Archer is played totally straight.

Walk The Straight And Narrow

Batman and Robin escape their previous peril and are back in action seeking to foil the Archer and his gang.


  • Bat-springs in their boots to hop out of the death trap?

Cast of characters

Barbara Nichols as Maid Marilyn, Art Carney as Archer, in Batman the series season 2

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