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Babylon 5 season 1

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Babylon 5 season 1
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Babylon 5 season 1 starts the story of the last of the Babylon stations. It’s a flash point for conflict located between five competing races, home to diplomats, smugglers, terrorists and dreamers. Combining action, adventure, drama and state-of-the-art effects, Babylon 5 has become a modern-day science-fiction classic popular around the world.

Ivanova in "Midnight on the Firing Line" - Babylon. 5 season 1

S1 E1 – Midnight on the Firing Line, January 25, 1994

Sinclair tries to calm things down after a Narn attack on a peaceful Centauri agricultural colony rekindles old hatreds.

Delenn is surprisingly hostile in "Soul Hunter" - Babylon 5 season 1

S1 E2 – Soul Hunter, February 1, 1994

Babylon 5’s alien residents fear the alien soul hunter Sinclair rescues from a disabled spaceship is there to steal their soul. And, with good reason. Delenn’s people, the Minbari, believe in reincarnation. And they view the Soul Hunters as preventing that. And the Soul Hunter has very addressive plans …

G'Kar an Na'Toth from Babylon 5

S1 E3 – Born to the Purple, February 8, 1994

Londo falls for a nightclub dancer who tries to get confidential information from him. And she is forced to deliver it to a very unsavory character. Information that could not only compromise Londo’s family, but undercut the Centauri Empire.

Michael Garibaldi annoying a female reporter in "Infection" - Babylon 5 season 1

S1 E4 – Infection, February 15, 1994

An artifact brought onto Babylon 5 by Dr. Franklin’s mentor turns his assistant into a killing machine. A killing machine, from a dead world, that was cleansed of all “impurities”. It introduces the concept of bioweapons, which become critical later on

G'Kar sleeping in "The Parliament of Dreams" in Babylon 5 season 1

S1 E5 – The Parliament of Dreams, February 22, 1994

An assassin stalks G’Kar while a conference on the religious beliefs of various alien cultures takes place. Sinclair meets an old girlfriend, Catherine Sakai.

Ivanov's old boyfriend in "The War Prayer" Babylon 5 season 1

S1 E7 – The War Prayer, March 8, 1994

Susan meets her old lover who is now part of a pro-Earth terrorist group that plans to kill an alien ambassador on Babylon 5. Or, all of them. Can Ivanova and Commander Sinclair infiltrate the group, and prevent it?

Commander Sinclair at his desk before his kidnapping in "And the Sky Full of Stars"

S1 E8 – And the Sky Full of Stars, March 15, 1994

Two mysterious men kidnap Sinclair in hopes of learning what happened during his 24-hour blackout at the Battle of the Line. A very critical episode, as well as entertaining, as the audience begins to understand what mysterious thing happened to Sinclair there. And, why did the Minbari sue for peace when they were on the verge of destroying humanity?

Talia Winters being hired by Vorlon Ambassador Kosh to monitor a very strange negotiation in "Deathwalker"

S1 E9 – Deathwalker, April 19, 1994

A war criminal, whose experiments on sentient beings have lead to an immortality serum, comes to Babylon 5. And the Vorlon Ambassador Kosh hires Talia Winters to monitor a very strange negotiation.

Dr. Steven Franklin's arrogance bites him in "Believers" - Babylon 5 season 1

S1 E10 – Believers, April 26, 1994

Dr. Franklin is troubled when the religious beliefs of a boy’s parents prevent him from performing a life-saving operation on him. And when he plans to violate their beliefs, and perform the surgery anyway, the parents petition each to the Babylon 5 ambassadors to intercede on their behalf. Because they believe Commander Sinclair will back up Dr. Franklin.

Garibaldi and Ivanova in "Survivors"

S1 E11 – Survivors, May 3, 1994

The President of Earth is scheduled to make a visit to the Babylon 5 station. But before his arrival, Garibaldi is framed for causing a fatal explosion. And the head of the President’s security has history with Garibaldi. The audience learns a little bit of Garibaldi’s past, their mutual history on Mars, and how his failure there led to the animosity. And Garibaldi’s tempted to fall off the wagon …

G'Kar in prayer

S1 E12 – By Any Means Necessary, May 10, 1994

The dock workers strike, crippling the station, after a shuttle bay accident kills one of them. And Commander Sinclair is under a lot of pressure from Earth to settle the strike as quickly as possible. And he comes up with a very creative solution.

Commander Jeffrey Sinclair in "Signs and Portents"

S1 E13 – Signs and Portents, May 17, 1994

Londo finds a sacred Centauri relic. Pirate attacks on transport ships become more brazen. A Centauri mystic sees a vision of the future destruction of the station, and predicts that her own nephew will be killed by shadows. And we meet for the first time the mysterious Mr. Morden — “What do you want?”

Susan Ivanova's rabbi, and honorary uncle, who comes to Babylon 5 to help her deal with her father's death.

S1 E14 – TKO, May 24, 1994

Babylon 5 hosts a deadly martial arts competition. And a disgraced fighter wants to be the first human to compete. He’s also Garibaldi’s friend, and Garibaldi knows how brutal — and possibly fatal — the competition can be. Susan’s family rabbi unexpectedly arrives on the station to help her deal with her father’s death. But she doesn’t want to hold shiva for her father. At first …

Lennier, who respects the True Seeker who's come to the station in "Grail" - Babylon 5 season 1

S1 E15 – Grail, July 5, 1994

A man (David Warner) who has spent his life searching for the Holy Grail arrives on Babylon 5. And he intersects with Jinxie, one of the people who worked on the construction of the station. Further, he believes that Babylon 5 will be destroyed if he leaves. And a low-level crook is blackmailing people with what looks like Ambassador Kosh.

S1 E16 – Eyes, July 12, 1994

An investigation is begun on Babylon 5 by a bitter Earth Force special investigator that may remove Sinclair as commander. He’s brought a Psi Corps telepath with him, and he plans on forcing all of the staff to submit to a telepathic scan. Given how Susan holds Psi Corps responsible for her mother’s suicide, she refuses. And she’s willing to resign her commission to prevent it.

Legacies - Ivanova, Dr. Franklin, and Talia Winters debate what should happen to the young telepath.  Babylon 5 season 1

S1 E17 – Legacies, July 19, 1994

The disappearance of a Minbari warrior’s corpse threatens peace on Babylon 5. The members of the Minbari warrior caste intend to make a spectacle of their war hero’s body. And its’ disappearance could actually provoke renewed war with Earth. At the same time, Ivanova tries to stop the PSI Corps from getting a young telepathic woman.

Commander Sinclair in "A Voice in the Wilderness" part 1 - Babylon 5 season 1

S1 E18 – A Voice in the Wilderness, Part 1, July 26, 1994

Remnants of an ancient civilization found on the dead planet Babylon 5 orbits. The planet’s apparently not so dead, since an automated defense system fires on an exploratory vessel. And the mystery of what’s there could lead to the station’s destruction. First of a two-part episode.

Lieutenant Commander Susan Ivanova in "A Voice in the Wilderness, Part 2" - Babylon 5 season 1

S1 E19 – A Voice in the Wilderness, Part 2, August 2, 1994

Commander Sinclair and Lieutenant Commander Ivanova had made it to the surface, and brought an unknown alien to Babylon 5 for medical attention. But without him, the system is preparing to self destruct. And multiple governments want the advanced technologies for themselves. And if that’s not enough, multiple individuals have been “invited” to the planet, to serve as potential replacements for the alien.

The doomed pilot who first sees Babylon 4 in "Babylon Squared" - Babylon 5 season 1

S1 E20 – Babylon Squared, August 9, 1994

Babylon 4, which disappeared four years ago, suddenly reappears and its crew has no idea what year it is. And to make things worse, it may disappear again. And for the first time we’re introduced to “The One” — who becomes a major character in the series. Or is that characters?

Londo and Lennier in The Quality of Mercy - Babylon 5 season 1

S1 E21 – The Quality of Mercy, August 16, 1994

A doctor who uses an alien device to cure any ailment meets Dr. Franklin. Londo and Lennier go out for a night on the town. Garibaldi has a convicted murderer, who’s killed one of his men. And the vicious murderer escapes …

Vir and Londo in "Chrysalis" - Babylon 5 season 1

S1 E22 – Chrysalis, October 25, 1994

Garibaldi discovers a plot to assassinate the Earth president. Sinclair, who asks Catherine to marry him, learns about the hole in his mind from Delenn before she enters a chrysalis state. And the chrysalis is a turning point in the series. Its importance isn’t fully understood until Season 2.

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