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Return of the Swamp Thing

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The Return of the Swamp Thing (1989), starring Dick Durock, Louis Jordan, Heather Locklear, Sarah Douglas

Synopsis of The Return of the Swamp Thing

 Return of the Swamp Thing begins with Abigail Arcane (Heather Locklear) traveling to the Florida swamps to find out the truth about her mother’s death. Once there, she confronts her evil stepfather Dr. Arcane (Louis Jourdan), who had been resurrected after his death in the first film. In an attempt to stave off the effects of aging, Dr. Arcane, assisted by Dr. Lana Zurrell (Sarah Douglas), combines genes from various swamp animals and human beings, creating an army of monsters known as Un-Men. Dr. Arcane tries to use his stepdaughter Abby in his genetic experiments until she is rescued by Swamp Thing (Dick Durock). He’s a scientist previously transformed into a humanoid plant creature after a confrontation with the doctor. Abby and the Swamp Thing fall in love, with the doctor’s minions searching for them.

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