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Barney’s First Car

Barney's First Car - The Andy Griffith Show
Barney’s First Car – The Andy Griffith Show season 3 Barney’s First Car – Barney invests his life savings to buy his first car from a “little old lady”—and purchases a royal lemon.
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Man in a Hurry

Malcolm Tucker, Sheriff Andy Taylor, Barney Fife sing "The Little Brown Church" - one of the sweetest moments in "Man in a Hurry"
Man in a Hurry – The Andy Griffith Show season 3 Man in a Hurry is one of the best episodes of the entire Andy Griffith Show series. A too-busy businessman’s car breaks down in Mayberry, and he gets a taste of life in the slow lane.
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A Date for Gomer

A Date for Gomer — happy ending. Note the handkerchief that Barney is holding for the bloody nose that Thelma Lou gave him
A Date for Gomer, an episode from The Andy Griffith Show season 4, originally aired November 25, 1963 In A Date for Gomer, Barney Fife (Don Knotts) and Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) are frustrated in their dating lives. Every time they try to be alone with their respective girlfriends,...
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