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The Luck of Newton Monroe - The Andy Griffith Show season 5

The Luck of Newton Monroe

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The Luck of Newton MonroeThe Andy Griffith Show season 5

In The Luck of Newton Monroe, Andy arrests a traveling salesman for selling faulty merchandise. Then he puts him on work detail, where he manages to botch every job he’s given. Now Andy has to restore the man’s self-confidence and he may have to sacrifice his front porch to do it. Original airdate: 4/12/1965

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Barbara Eden as "The Manicurist" in The Andy Griffith Show

The Manicurist

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The ManicuristThe Andy Griffith Show season 2

A beautiful young lady (guest star Barbara Eden, best known for I Dream of Jeannie) comes into town after breaking up with her boyfriend.  She sets up a manicure booth in a flustered Floyd’s barber shop.  The wives of Mayberry get upset when their husbands line up for manicures by the pretty young lady, and when Andy tries to explain the situation to her, she thinks that he’s trying to propose.

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