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Teamwork [song lyrics]


Song lyrics to Teamwork, as performed by Stubby Kaye and Janis Paige on The Red Skelton Hour

When two guys pull together its teamwork
In foul or sunny weather it’s teamwork
What does it take to make any business climb
You’ll find it takes teamwork every time

Consequently, nobody makes it solo, it’s teamwork.
One tycoon can’t play polo, it’s teamwork
What simple thing can bring you that winning score?
The answer is teamwork, nothing more.

Those ancient kids, who stacked the pyramids,
They never flipped their lids
When they got bugged, they just tugged.

Like Rand and like McNally it’s teamwork
Right to the final tally it’s teamwork
When others start to part and go off the beam
Like siamese brothers, like siamese brothers
Like siamese brothers on each other’s team


We’ve had success (yeah)
With single blessedness
But now we both confess (what’s that?)
As K&K (Yeah, with a rage)

No fuss about the billing, it’s teamwork
The smallest type is thrilling, it’s teamwork
Who takes the dregs and begs you to take the cream?
You gotta have teamwork, what’s life without teamwork

Unless you got teamwork there’s no team!
Yes sir!


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