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Talk to the Animals [song lyrics]


Song lyrics to Talk To The Animals, Written by Leslie Bricusse, Performed by Rex Harrison in Doctor Dolittle

Doctor Dolittle: If i could talk to the animals –
Just imagine it –
Chatting to a chimp in chimpanzee!

Polynesia: Imagine talking to a tiger –

Doctor Dolittle: Chatting to a cheetah –

Polynesia: Ooh!

Doctor Dolittle: What a neat achievement that would be!

Polynesia: Indeed it would!

Doctor Dolittle: If we could talk to the animals –

Polynesia: Yes, learn their languages –

Doctor Dolittle: Maybe take an animal degree,

Polynesia: Good idea!

Doctor Dolittle: I’d study elephant and eagle,

Polynesia: Buffalo and beagle

Doctor Dolittle: Alligator,

Polynesia: Guinea pig

Doctor Dolittle: And flea!

Polynesia: To name but a few!
You could converse in polar bear and python,

Doctor Dolittle: And i would curse in fluent kangaroo.

Polynesia: If people asked you, “Can you speak speak rhinocerous?”

Doctor Dolittle: I’d say, “of courserous! can’t you?”

Polynesia: You know i can.

Doctor Dolittle: If i conferred with our furry friends –
Man-to-animal –

Polynesia: Think of the amazing repartee!

Doctor Dolittle: If i could walk with the animals –

Polynesia: Talk with the animals –

Both: Grunt and squeal and squawk with the animals

Doctor Dolittle: And they could talk to me!

So you see tom. it just goes to prove, that if you put your mind to
It – anything
Is possible.

If we could talk to the animals,
Think what fun we’d have –
Asking over crocodiles for tea!

Polynesia: What fun!

Doctor Dolittle: Or maybe lunch with two or three lions,
Walruses and sealions
What a lovely place the world would be!

Polynesia: Lovely! lovely!

Doctor Dolittle: If i spoke slang to orang-utans,
The advantages –

Matthew: Any fool on earth can plainly see!

Polynesia: Of course he can!

Doctor Dolittle: Discussing eastern art and drama
With intellectual llamas –

Polynesia: That’s a big step forward, you’ll agree!

Doctor Dolittle: Oh, i agree!

Matthew: I’d learn to speak in antelope and turtle –

Polynesia: Good for you!

Stubbins: My pekinese would be extremely good!

Polynesia: Yes it would!

Doctor Dolittle: If i were asked to sing in hippopotamus,

Polynesia: What would you say?

Doctor Dolittle: I’d say, “why notamus!” –

Polynesia: What would you do?

All: And would!

Polynesia: Good!

Doctor Dolittle: If i could parley with pachyderms,

Stubbins: It’s a fairy tale –

Polynesia: Worthy of Hans Andersen or Grimm! –

Matthew: The man who walks with the animals –

Stubbins: Talks with the animals –

Doctor Dolittle: Grunts and squeals and squawks with the animals…

Polynesia: [Squawks]

All: And they all talk to him!

Doctor Dolittle: I’ll study every living creature’s language
So I can speak to all of them on sight!
If friends say “can he talk in crab or pelican?”

Polynesia: What’ll I say?

Doctor Dolittle: You’ll say “like helican”!

Polynesia: What’ll I be?

Doctor Dolittle: And you’ll be right!

Polynesia: That’s right!
And if you just stop to think a bit –
There’s no doubt of it –
You will have a place in history!

Matthew: The man who walks with the cats ‘n’ dogs –

Polynesia: Talk with the toads ‘n’ frogs –

Doctor Dolittle: Grunt and squeak and squawk
With the pigs ‘n’ hogs!

Dolittle, Matthew, Stubbins, Polynesia & animal company: [In howling harmony] Yes he can squeak – and – squawk –
And – speak – and – talk………

Doctor Dolittle: To me!


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