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Lazy Moon lyrics


Lazy Moon song lyrics, words and music by Bob Cole and Rosamond Johnson, as performed by Oliver Hardy in the comedy Pardon Us

Lazy Moon, come out soon
Make my poor heart beat warmer
Light the way, bright as day
For my sweet little charmer

Now she’s to meet me in the lane tonight
If the sky is bright and clear.
Oh moon don’t keep me waiting here tonight
Watching and awaiting
Heart a palpitating
Longing for my little lady love.

Lazy Moon, Lazy Moon
Why don’t you show your face upon the hill?
Lazy Moon, come out soon.
You can make me happy if you will
When my lady sees your light a peepin’
Then I know her promise she’ll be keepin’
Tell me what’s the matter, are you sleepin’
Lazy Moon


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